How to Update Your PSP Firmware

Posted on 08 March 2011

Are you interested in playing games without homebrew or want new features in your PSP? For this you all have to update firmware of PSP.An exclusively upgrade firmware introduce by Sony for PSP. But you have to upgrade your device yourself.Here we are telling you some steps to upgrade your device. Before updating, make sure that battery of the device is not low and don’t do it if your are working in homebrew.

1. Need a wireless internet connection

wireless internet

Direct download to the PSP over Wi-Fi.Go to the home screen of PSP and then click on to the”Network Update”. There comes a new window to set your WLAN settings. Click on to the “Scan” and give accession to PSP to discover network automatically.”Network Update” should be emphasized. Then click on to “X” button. PSP will save configuration as your new access profile appears.

2. Select connection

Express your desire connection for use and click on to the “X” button.PSP will connect to the internet and tell you if there is any update available.

3. Free memory space

If there are no updates found then it is fine.You can play some games. But be careful that you should have 21 Mb free memory for your updates because updates(memory sizes) of firmware varies sometimes.After surety of  free memory click on to the “X” button.

4. Download updates

Firmware update will begin downloading.This will take some time depending upon the speed of  your connection. Just keep the PSP firmware “ON” for updating it properly.

5. Update the PSP firmware

After downloading all updates click on to the “X” button for starting the PSP update.After downloading restart your  device for proper working of updates.

6. Finish the update process

Click on to the “X” button to start PSP update and then click on to the right side button on D-pad to accept the  license agreement.Read your updates and click on to the “right”side button once more. Now click on to the “X” button to start the updates. Make sure that PSP should not be unplugged or turned off before the completion of update process. This would surely create a big trouble for PSP firmware.

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