How to unlock Playstation 3 to download games

Posted on 24 March 2011

Today, in this busy world we find less time to involve ourselves in some sort of Physical activities for time out. But, for efficient performance in our daily routine works it is important to be involved in some activities that are apart and can give a time out to an individual. One of the best activities in this regard is playing games either on PS3 or Computer System. This is basically a guide that can help you to save some cash on spending for PS3 games and secondly a guide to resolve such problems that you might encounter in this regard. This particular tutorial focuses on guiding you “How you can Unlock Your PlayStation and Download PS3 games online”. Follow all the steps that are mentioned and make PS3 games as your time out.

Unlocking and Downloading Process:

As many of you are aware that the PS3 uses Blu-ray discs, many people has the perception that such discs could not be copied, but actually it is possible. We need special converter software, which commute your downloaded PS3 games into a format that could be easily burned to any regular DVD.
Step 1.
The primary requirement is that you must have an account open, from where you can get the games online. If you do not have any, I’ll prefer you to join The Best Media Online site to get approach to their gargantuan database of PS3 games.

Step 2.
Once the above requirement is compiled, look up for the game that you want to play, download it. Now the actual process starts, as mentioned above you can not make copy of Blu-ray discs directly so you would have to download any conversion software to cope up with this obstacle. Log in to the members section and download the required software. Install it on your computer and convert the downloaded PS3 game. One thing should be considered that this software conversion is the most valuable; if it has been skipped or done unconsciously your PS3 will simply not recognize the game, because PS3 requirements are not met.


PS3 game

Step 3.
When you successfully convert the games they are now ready to run on your PS3, next step is to burn it on any regular DVD recordable to get started.

Note: DVD burning process may take longer, as it is dependent on your system configuration.
Step 4.
As the burning process is successfully completed, insert the DVD disc into your PS3 and start enjoying your favorite games.

If you are interested and want to be aware of how to Unlock PS3 games, searching your favorite game, converting them and burning them on the regular DVD apart from this tutorial. You can easily explore in detail by simply joining The Best Media Online site. This site will elucidate all the information that you required and are essential to be aware to run games on your PS3. Secondly, why waste money on buying your PS3 games from your nearby game store on heavy cost, instead opt favorite ones from the huge database and download all your games online.

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