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Posted on 21 March 2011

There is no doubt in the popularity of the iPad. However, it is incomplete, unless you add some necessary accessories which ensure improvement in the protection or even functionality. Speaking of protection, iPad cases qualify as the basic necessity of your iPad. And out of the vast ocean, some of the top products are discussed based on their practicality. Among other types, hard cases for iPad provide your gadget with best protection.

Advantages of iPad Hard Case

In short, an iPad hard case makes your gadget much stronger and resistant to physical damage.

Top Products

Here best hard cases in market are listed. The criteria for selection of these top products are as follows:

  • Appearance
  • Cost
  • Assessments of users.

1. Incipio Destroyer Overkill Brushed Titanium – $119.99

The cost for a hard case that has not even been released yet does appear to be outrageous. However, only when you take a closer look into the specs of this case, will you realize that this actually is the Ultimate Top Product for the protection of your iPad. The Incipio Destroyer Overkill is made of a hi-impact military spec nylon (Zytel), which has two side rails; made from CNC machined billet aluminum. This triple layered case includes a silicon shock absorbing skin, which holds the iPad tightly. Apart from all the protection, the bi-colored black and titanium finish looks commendable and fits in perfectly on the iPad, posing to be a part of the iPad’s original design.

2. Otter Box Apple iPad Defender Series Case – $49.99

There are cases that pose to look tough, and then there are cases, which are actually tough on the inside. The Otter box Defender series case is the latter. It has three layers of polycarbonate material all around its structure. The back splits into two, one of which covers and protects the most vital part of the iPad – the screen – when on the move.

When you need to sync/charge your iPad, there’s no need to take the case off. The Otter box Defender comes with a snap-off portion that can easily be removed, which also acts as an ideal desk stand for the iPad, making typing and reading on the iPad much more comfortable. This hard-case cover seals off your iPad’s ports with Silicon plugs so you can use it in even rough environments. The price for this kind of protection is not bad at all.

3. Hard Candy Cases Street Skin – $37.45

The name candy probably gives the wrong impression of this tough case. The tabulated rear surface looks like an ancient armor, but at the same time it acts as one too. Just one look at it is enough to ensure you that this Hard Candy Street Skin is designed to last. Along with the protection, it gives you access to all the controls of your iPad. The TPU rubber skin tightly snuggles your iPad for increased protection, minimal stretching, and virtually effortless cleaning. The snap-on integrated screen enclosure makes the installation really easy. This Hard Candy Street Skin Case for your iPad also comes in Pink and clear, along with black.

4. Speck Fitted Case – $26.57

This Hard-Case offers quality protection to your iPad while allowing complete access to all the ports. This case has nothing new to offer, but you can pick one with its back finish of your choice. Although you cannot change the back, but the Speck Fitted Case has a huge variety of models to offer, which are:

  • Fade-away Gray/Black/Green
  • Fade-away Gray/Black/Pink
  • Hound’s-tooth Gray
  • Black & White Plaid
  • Classic Plaid Pink & Gray.

5. Shadow Snap-on Case – $25.69

In case you’re eyeing out for a corporate look in dark and simple cases, for your iPad, Shadow Snap-on Case is just the right product for you. It is made of polycarbonate hard plastic with a complete black snap-on and a back that looks like carbon fiber.

The Shadow Snap-on offer protection from impact along with a good grip and a lustrous look to your iPad. At this price, the Shadow Snap-on Case deserves your consideration.

6. XGearlive Carbon Fiber Leather Protected Polycarbonate Shell – $24.95

Apart from a very lengthy name, this product is actually very slick. Allow me to list down its features:

  • Emulates characteristics of carbon fiber.
  • Exterior is made of leather, with a polycarbonate shell on the inside to ensure your iPad’s protection from violent contacts against hard surfaces.
  • Gives your iPad the slimmest contour along with access to all its ports.

To top everything off, the price isn’t unreasonable at all.

7. Marware SportShell Convertible – $19.40

This hard-case for the iPad comes with the following 4-in-1 features…

  1. Hard, yet slim shell case.
  2. Detachable hand strap.
  3. Angled-adjustable stand.
  4. Photo frame.

The Marware SportShell is made of smooth, hard plastic with back covers that are transposable (black and clear covers come with the package). Depending on your requirement, the A 4 hinged supports wheel out for high-angled display functionality, or to act as a low-angled typing stand. You can also add a 5×7 inch photo at the back if you choose not to add a back plate.

8. Macally METROLPAD Clear Protective Case with Silicon Grip – $15.27

The Macally METROLPAD is composed of a hard-shell back panel having silicon edges, which increases the grip along with protection. Even when mounted on your iPad, it allows access to all the controls and ports. With the form, fitting silicon edge – which allows smooth removal of your iPad – the installation becomes an effortless task. The case maintains the original appearance of your iPad, since it is clear as a crystal. Macally METROLPAD is designed to maintain the looks of your iPad, instead of adding to them.

9. ILuv Durable Ultra Thin Clear Case – $8.87

This case is among the cheapest hard-cases for the iPad, yet it offers quality, which qualifies it to be in the list of top products. It has a really thin smooth surface which closely fits on your iPad. It becomes a complete package when you add a folding stand that you get from iLuv with your Durable Ultra Thin Clear Case. This case, like Macally, is designed to preserve the original look of your iPad.


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