Best Free BlackBerry Applications and Programs

Posted on 20 March 2011

Black Berry provides you, a better facility to install and use any application you want. There are several applications available to simplify your tasks. They are available with different prices but many of them are free of cost so that, the Blackberry users can easily get the maximum benefit of those applications without paying anything. Here is a list of the best free software for Blackberry which will surely help you.

1. Google Maps Mobile

This application is a map application that is available for all the users of Blackberry phones. It shows you entire views of streets around you. This application has not only the functionality to show you the entire map around the Globe.  It can zoom different locations and to change the routes to provide you the shortest path to your destination. One of its latest and exciting features is the real-time traffic updates which allow you to navigate your way from the congested areas around you.

2. PocketMac

Blackberry can easily synchronize with your personal computer but in a case it didn’t, and you also do not know, what to do to solve this problem. However, if you have this application in your Blackberry phone, it will solve your problem. This application makes that synchronization with your PC very easily. Using this application, you can easily get access to your Entourage, Up-To-Date, Address Book, iCal, Now Contact, and Sticks in line on both of your devices.

3. StockView

There are several different applications available to get aware of your stocks using your Blackberry phone, but they are either unaffordable or difficult to operate but this application is best in both prospects. Simply, you have to add those stocks, which you want to track in it, and it will ease you to check it whenever you want by logging into your account.

4. BlackBerry Unite!

This free software collaboration could help you track the progress of your team when you’re away. After all, that’s why you have a Blackberry in the first place, right? It simplifies you to share different important things that are necessary, while you are on a trip like, pictures, calendars, documents, and more, among yours and your Blackberry’s teammates. In this way, you can easily do your work along with enjoying your trip and get your working reputation, better and better day by day.

5. JabpLite BlackBerry Personal Money Manager

Sometimes, when you are progressing better in your business, you can easily forget your money related matters. JabpLite Blackberry Personal Money Manager provides you the facility to store all of your money related data. This is just a simple budget and allows you to store planned and actual expenditure. It keeps your data in an easy form of spreadsheets, which ensures that you win more than your expenses, and that your money is distributed. Because the last thing, you need is to board a flight from New York to Los Angeles and have a complete breakdown of the budget.

6. BeamBerry

When you face a problem to download or open the attachments of your e-mails, which have certain file extensions than this application will solve your problem. You have just to download this application, and it will ease you to view the attachments like your PC.

7. BBScreenStream

The application works like a movie maker. Using this application, you can create videos from your phone, and then you can either record it or can easily display that video on your computer by simply connecting your Blackberry with your computer.

It is pretty effective for the demonstration of your work presentations and provides you a handy access for your work.

8. Viigo RSS Reader

This is an application specially designed for the Blackberry users who ease you to get an easy and quick access to your favorite blog and enjoy them on your mobile phone. When you are away from your computer, then the application gives you the facility of reading your feeds through other mobile reader applications also.

9. Beyond411

If you want to find a best business in an unfamiliar place than this application will truly be the most useful thing, you need at that time. It compiles whole business listing for you and provides you the useful business suggestions. This application works with Google Maps and mostly finds the location by itself. It also offers you driving directions along with business listings. It does its job by using GPS and easily provides you the best results that you want.

10. BBScreenShooter

This application truly works according to its name. It is associated with your camera and when you take different pictures of your great memories, and then it provides you the facility to store those images in different formats for your ease. It has several formats for your images, including, .jpg, .bmp, or .png. It also includes a complete guide with it, to know you how to use it in a better way.

11. Skip

Sometimes, when you want to go in a rush but delays happen and simply, ruin your plans. However, your problem can be solved, if you have BlackBerry phone with this application installed in it that can easily notify you about these delays and facilitates you to plan accordingly. Simply, you have to e-mail your plan to Skip, and it will take, care of the rest. It gives you the real time updates of any thing regarding to your plan. It also allows for check-in for your flights and simply copes with your time as well.

12. MobiPocket Reader

This is the best and reliable application to read e-books on your phone, whenever, and anywhere you want. There was a time when these methods were conceived as very dull, but with new readers out for smartphones with the attractive user interface for reading, e-books will surely be used widely in the future. If, you have a Blackberry phone then install this application and start reading many useful and amazing e-books while you are on a trip. Even, if you don’t have any plan to go anywhere, then it also provides you a better facility to read different e-book in your lunch breaks of other leisure times.


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