50 Free iPhone / iPad Apps

Posted on 06 March 2011

There are different kinds of apps introduced as soon as after the launching of iPhone 3GS in market. Some of these apps are free and some are paid one. Most of freely available iPhone 3G / 3GS applications can be obtained from various resources. One can easily enhance the functionalities of his iPhone without any cost. These free iPhone 3G apps can be selected according to choice and requirement.


1. A Personal Assistant

It gives an assistance to manage the personal online accounts. This app provides facility to monitor credit card transactions, banking and investment accounts. It is working well with most of the banks including Chase, United, Bloomberg, Bank of America and many others.

2. AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner

This is an important iPhone version of a well known food site All recipes.com. This site contains a lots of easy and quick food recipes. It includes with number of food expert reviews. One can easily find a recipe for a selected food.

3. Action Method

This is an important task management app. It gives facility to control the tasks on iPhone. Tasks entries can be easily and automatically synched with desktops. This app can also be utilized to manage and organize the contacts into various groups.

4. AIM (Free Edition)

This is freely available version of social networking iPhone app of AIM. It allows someone to connect with friends through EDGE, Wi-Fi or 3G networks. It has many useful features including an optional notice on every SMS receiving and multiple screen configurations. One can be stay connected at every time to view the status, updates and expressions.

5. Balance

This app provides an electronic edition of a paper-based document record. This iPhone app allows someone to monitor the account balances for various transactions. It can be synched with computer through a password protection feature for transactions of an account.

6. Beam Catcher

It is another freely available iPhone app that allows someone to share photos with friends and family.

7. Bump

It is included in the billionth downloadable apps from App store of Apple. It is very simple iPhone app that provides a facility for transfer of contacts from one iPhone to another by somewhat synchronizing two iPhones.

8. Backgrounds

This iPhone app provides a daily cool background on iPhone. One can be searched out over 5, 00 backgrounds from daily added backgrounds. There are more than 30 categories of these backgrounds including Cars, Animals, Models, Space, Sports, Beaches, Messages, Hearts, Explosions, Cities, Sunsets, Flowers, Movies, Funny, Christmas, Guys, Cute, Games, Water Night, Swirls, Buildings, Fantasy, Technology, and much more.

9. Bloomberg

This is nice iPhone app generally used to check the share prices. It facilitates with long and short termed stretched graphs for iPhone users. It provides all the information about each share. One can also get price information of indices, commodity and oil.

10. BBC Reader

One can browse the BBC News streaming using this important iPhone app. It provides a slide show of top story images on iPhones. One can easily access the BBC even in the low reception of a 3G spot.

11. Currency

This is a useful iPhone app generally used for conversion of various currencies. It provides helpful information about rates of different currencies.

12. Comic Touch Lite

One can easily give the comic touch to his photos using this iPhone app. It gives a text editing facility in different balloon shapes for different subject thoughts.

13. Dictionary.com

It is a free iPhone app of Dictionary.com. It provides world-class reference content from Thesaurus.com and Dictionary.com sources. It has more than 80,000 synonyms and 275,00 definitions. It has also an audio punctuation feature, which spell the correct words and pronunciation.

14. Dog Whistler

This is a freely available iPod touch or iPhone app. It is included in the top 10 free iPhone apps. It provides a useful feature for training a dog through different tricks available in this iPhone app.

15. Discover

It is helpful iPhone app for file management. It lets someone to view, manage, transfer and store files through other iPhone or computers in the same Wi-Fi network. It provides a facility to access the public and local servers on internet without or within a Wi-Fi connection.

16. Dictionary

Everyone looks for a dictionary app on iPhone. This is considered a best freely available dictionary app for iPhone users. It has many interesting features including voice and thesaurus.

17. Easy Writer

This iPhone app is certainly helpful to compose emails. It facilitates with a landscape view of alternative interface for typing in the iPhone. It provides a functionality to zoom and pinch the text for adjusting its size. One can easily keep track the text of every incoming text message, call and email.

18. Excuse Generator

It can now be easily generated the right excuses for all activities. One can use this app on his iPhone for any interesting and selected activity.

19. Free Wi-Fi Finder

It is made easy to locate a Wi-Fi using this iPhone app. It provides an access to more than 135 countries and 200,000 Wi-Fi locations. One can easily get an access to free Wi-Fi spots using this helpful iPhone app.

20. FuzeLite

This is an important app for instant messaging through secure SSL network. It provides the support for AIM, Google Talk, Jabber, Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. One can easily make an online meeting account for personal phone conference through this iPhone app.

21. Free Photo Filters

It is free photo filters iPhone app. It provides various filters including Polarizing Filter, Black and White Filter, Lomography Filter, Retro Effect Filter and many more.

22. FedEx Mobile for iPhone

It is a very useful iPhone app for tracking the status and up-to-date information about FedEx shipments. Users can quickly get all the information about shipment by simply provide the FedEx tracking number. It can be used for personalizing the information of shipment through different ways.

23. Facebook

This iPhone app can be utilized to connect with family and friends on Face book from everywhere through a 3G connection.

24. Files Lite

This is a very useful iPhone app. One can easily save, view and transfer the files through this iPhone app. This app is compatible with mostly available iPod touch, and iPhones. It can be synched with PC or Mac without facing any difficulty.

25. Free Translator

This iPhone app provides an interface to the free API Google Translator for several languages including Chinese, Dutch, Czech, Romanian, French, Danish, Japanese, Portuguese, English, German, Serbian, Hindi, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Polish, and Vietnamese.

26. Holy Bible

Holy Bible can be accessed in various language versions on an iPhone. It is available for offline and online users. It has many highlighting and book marking features. It provides a facility to highlight, view, save or email a verse through iPhone. It is included in some best available iPhone applications.

27. HeyWay

It uses GPS to find current position for sharing or sending it to friends through a Notification. It is not required to run this application every time.

28. iFirstAid

This is an important first aid app for iPhones. It facilitates with many features to handle the situation in case of emergency. It has very useful information concerning with first aid issue. iFirstAid was developed by White Cross Rescue Association. This is also a user friendly iPhone app.

29. iSpreadSheet

It is included in one of the best freely available spreadsheet apps for iPhones. It has many interesting and helpful features like offline and online loading and management of worksheets, widescreen landscape and portrait views, complex formulas and much more.

30. iReference

It is very simple and useful iPhone app for reference works. It has many dictionary tools concerning with thesaurus and proverb. It consists up of more than 1,000 proverbs and 140,000 thesauruses. It can also be used for book marking of results.

31. Joost

This is an iPhone version of Joost videos source. There are more than 46000 videos available on Joost. These videos now can be accessed from iPod touch or iPhones through this useful app.

32. Linked in

It is an important social network iPhone app. One can easily connect through this network with his family and friends using this iPhone app. People could be remained in touch with one another through Linked in.

33. Metro Melbourne and Metlink Melbourne

It is an iPhone app of public transport for Melbourne citizens. It gives information about the time and routes of public transport in city. It facilitates with all kind of transportation information like buses, trains and trams. This is really a very useful and user friendly iPhone app.

34. Note Me

It is a very useful tool to create the notes and tags for various assignments. It provides many useful and interesting facilities to the users. One can now easily utilize this app on his iPhone.

35. New York Times

This iPhone application lets someone to enjoy the up-to-date high quality journalism of The New York Times. It can be accessed from everywhere. One can easily get the latest news and download these on the device.

36. Private Pics

This is a perfect application for photo sharing. It allows or restricts people for accidentally seeing the private pictures.

37. Palringo

Parlingo provides chat facility on iPhones. This iPhone app usually works with MSN and Yahoo messengers.

38. Puri! Lite

It is a photo sticker booth. One can easily camber with others from everywhere. It can be used to share the latest photos with family and friends on Facebook network.

39. QuickVoice Recorder with Free Voicemail

It is a well known freely available voice recorder app for iPhone. It is commonly used to record lectures, ideas and speeches. It has one touch recording and stopping features. One can easily store many hours of recording through this space.

40. Read It Later Free

It is used to save the online articles for later reading. It is very useful newly introduced iPhone app. It supports many reading features like sharing and spanning of articles. This is an easy to use iPhone application.

41. SugarSync

This is a supporting iPhone app for SugarSync desktop that allows someone to sync an iPhone with Mac or PC. It can be accessed from everywhere. This is only operated with previously installed SugarSync desktop utility.

42. Skype

This is an important iPhone app that providing the call service facility. One can easily make landline and Skype to Skype calls from everywhere. It can also be used for instant messaging services.

43. TripIt

This is another useful iPhone app for travel-related issues. One can organize the traveling plan through this app. It allows someone to send the confirmation emails for any trip to the TripIt.com website. It provides information about maps, driving directions, local weather conditions of a destination, car rental information, hotel booking, flight information and much more. A membership at TripIt website is required to use this facility.

44. Twitterrific

It is an important iPhone app for twitter client. It provides up-to-date information and latest news on Silverlight. It can also be utilized to get updates from PM and opposition leader.

45. Trapster

It can be used to get information about speed and red camera sites around an iPhone. It also provides the facility to find storage location of policemen. It will notify every time when someone enters into the range of these locations. This is user friendly and very helpful iPhone app.

46. Video Downloader iWoopie Lite

iWoopie Lite can be used to search global video portals of various websites like DailyMotion and YouTube. One can easily watch the videos from these sources through this iPhone app.

47. Wikiamo

Wikiamo is a nice looking design of Wikipedia for iPhone users. It provides the facility to access the articles offline.

48. Wall Street Journal

It is an online version of Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for iPhone users. This app allows you to get up-to-date news stream from WSJ. This is a helpful and user friendly application for iPhones.

49. Yahoo Messenger

This app is an iPhone version of Yahoo messenger. One can enjoy all the features of Yahoo messenger on his iPhone using this app.

50. Y! Music

Yahoo LaunchCast powered by CBS is now also available in iPhone version. It provides the facility to listen various radio stations on iPhone. It gives high quality sound feature on iPhone.

51. Zynga Live Poker

It is an interesting iPhone app for live poker play. It simply works on iPhone using Facebook account. This is also an easy to use application for iPhone users.

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