5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps

Posted on 25 March 2011

iPhone is changing the world with its applications. The creators of this phone were genius, they just not created an iPhone they have change the style of living. It is the best gadget that you can use in your daily life. There are so many apps for this phone that you can use them in your daily life.


Exercise is most important for our body. We should do it every morning. It keeps us fit. Apple is having cool apps for Cardio. So, all you Cardio Lover’s Just go and buy an iPhone for yourself, because iPhone is having the greatest collection of Cardio apps for you.

5 Best iPhone Cardio Apps:

1. iHeartRate

iphone apps heart rate

It is a very simple iPhone application which will allow you to keep track of your heart rate. This app will also help you to know the amount of calories that you burn everyday through exercise. You can easily track your heart rate. What you have to do is that just tap your pulse on your iPhone until your heart rate is registered on your phone screen. Once your heart rate is registered, then you can also keep the track the amount of calorie you are burning. Through real time chronograph you can track your workout as well and can find how much energy you have burnt.

2. iTreadmill

iTreadmillThis is a very good application for runners and walkers. It measures the pace and distance. The iTreadmill uses the motion detector of your iPhone and turn the device into a pedometer that counts the number of your steps that you take. This application is outstandingly accurate and you can use it anywhere indoor or out door. With this app you can track your past sessions, and can see whether you have made any progress on daily basis or not.


3. Run Coach

This application is good for both seasoned as well as beginners. This app can motivate the users for running success. There is variety of plans, from which one can choose a 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon etc. It provides personalized plans and facilitate you track your progress all the way.


4. ITGO-Interval Trainer GO

As the name of this application suggest that you can use it in both, that is in a light or an intensive interval workout. It is a timer as well as a music player. It will help the user to burn off some fat and boost metabolism. ITGO is a complete training application with a simple and easy interface.

5. Cardio Track 2

It is a full featured app for tracking your cardio workouts. It is the award winning application. The app is complete with reports, a completely custom goal system and graphing. It can keep the record of current week and last 7 days. With the help of customizable detailed tracking and customizable main menu enable the user to make cardio track as simple or as complicated.

These are the best 5 Cardio apps which will help you in your daily Exercise. Try these I am sure you’ll go for them.


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