Top 5 Best iPhone 4 Battery Cases

Posted on 28 February 2011

Mobile phone companies are offering many applications and accessories to make their product more comfortable and famous. Due to hard and tough market competition, companies like iPhone are providing luxurious accessories. IPhone provides a variety of applications and accessories to the iPhone users. This is the reason that iPhone is one of the best selling mobile in the world.

Best five iPhone battery cases

Besides many attractive and useful applications, iPhone is also providing many eye catching battery cases. These battery cases are also rechargeable.

It is a very common problem that iPhone are very sensitive and less shock observers. To solve this problem, many iPhone users are using iPhone battery cases, as they provide protection and shock observing capacity to an iPhone mobile. These battery cases for iPhone are very popular in iPhone users. They are normally portable and easy in use. Following are best five iPhone battery cases for the iPhone users.

1. EnerG slim-fit extended rechargeable battery case

This iPhone battery case is one of the best and famous battery case for iPhone users. This iPhone battery case is rechargeable. It provides an iPhone user a 2400 mAh battery. That means that if your battery is fully charge, this will provide you more than 13 hours as talk time.

2. Splash O2 case and battery for iPhone 3GS

This is a small battery case for iPhone mobile and these cases provide and iPhone user a talk time that is more than five hours than the original one.

This battery case is very famous as it is providing a built in flash light for the iPhone users. This device is very comfortable for those iPhone users who do not have much time to recharge their batteries.

3. New Trent IMP190 slim-fit extended rechargeable battery case

This iPhone battery case is one of the famous and small battery case for the iPhone users. It is a very slim battery case and especially designed for girls. This iPhone battery case is providing a 1900 mAh battery. This is an external battery for the iPhone. In case of 3G iPhone mobile, this battery case provides an iPhone user more than 11 hours as talk time. This battery case is also very famous for its protection capacity as it provides shock observing quality to an iPhone.

4. Mophie juice pack air, case and rechargeable battery

This iPhone battery case is very slim and an iPhone user can easily enjoy its benefits. This iPhone battery case provides more than 10 hours as talk time to an iPhone user. The only problem with this iPhone battery is that it does not provide much protection to the iPhone mobile as it is very slim and only designed to provide extra energy to an iPhone.

5. iPartner wave case and rechargeable battery

This iPhone battery case is especially designed for 3G and 4G mobiles. This battery case provides almost double energy than the original battery to an iPhone user. This also provides an option of USB connection. An iPhone user can directly recharge the iPhone by using this USB charger connection.

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