Top 5 Android Puzzle Games

Posted on 16 February 2011

Android is providing the beat games in the market. There are many types of games that are available for android mobiles. Android is also offering some puzzle games for the android users. These games are very famous and are loved by children and youngsters. Out of thousands of android puzzle games, following are the best five android puzzle games.

1. Trivial Pursuit

It is a very famous game and is loved by many android users. This game is especially designed for android. There are different modes of the game. In every mode, the player has to race against the time to complete the puzzle.

Each mode has different level of difficulty. The player can adjust the difficulty level according to the satisfaction. Android mobile phones are also providing knowledgeable games that are related to geography, history and entertainment. This game can be played against the computer.

2. 365 Puzzle Club

It is a game of numbers. You can play this number puzzle game on your android mobile phone. This game is available in three different modes, with different levels of difficulty. This android game provides you a puzzle according to the date of every month.

There is also a seasonal mode that you can play according to the specific season. This android game is similar to Sukodu or Tempenki.

3. Tropical Sudoku

This android game is especially designed for those people who love Sukodu. Tropical Sukodu game by android provides a player a lot of different boards. All these are available with different levels of difficulty. The player has the option to save the game so that later he can start the game from the same point where he has left his game.

4. Movie Quiz

This is a very attractive game. This android game has the best graphics and sound effects. These effects make the player more addictive. There are different clips in the game and questions from those clips. The player has to answer the questions in a very small time frame. There are many questions and the player will get the answer and the score at the end of the game.

5. Word search

This is a very famous and attractive game. This puzzle game is loved by many children and youngsters. This android game provides the player to change the theme of the game. There are sixteen different options of themes for the player. There are more than one hundred puzzle games in this android application. You do not need to purchase any other game if you have this option. You can enjoy long journeys and can spend sleepless nights by playing this game.

Android is providing many interesting games for the android users. Any one can pass a good time by playing these games. These games will never let you get bore during your long weekends and free times. These games also help you to sharpen your mind and senses. So keep enjoying these games as much as you can.

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