Top 10 Best Shooter Games for Android

Posted on 02 February 2011

There are hundreds of android games available for android mobile phones. But the best games in android phones are the shooting games. These games are very demanding and are very famous as well. Out of hundreds of games available in the market, following are the best ten games for android mobile phones.

1. Quake

It is the best game of first-person. This is a best shooting game for shooting lovers. This quack engine is used in many other games as well like, half-life, Medal of Honor, Return to Castle and Call of Duty.

Top 5 Best Shooter Games

These games are also very famous in youngsters. Quake-1 was released in 1996. It was first launched as a free version. This is very simple to operate. A navigation key is available to move directions and different keys are to fire and release weapons and booms. This game is also available in high 3D graphics.

2. Heavy Gunner

This game is the best game in android mobile phones. In this game the player has to fight with different aliens and monsters. This game provides many options of weapons and machine guns to the player, to kill the aliens. Those who love shooting will love this game because of heavy and advance weapons options.

There are also different levels in the game with three modes of difficulties. Those phones which are with high android options can play the game with high graphics and sound effects. Player can use joy stick and other control buttons to play the game.

3. Big range hunting 2

This game is developed by Gameloft. This is a modified and advanced version of Bid range hunting game. In this game more advanced 3D graphics and sound effects are introduced. The player can control the game by using joy stick and hunting buttons or keys. In the game player has to move and explore the entire world. In your trip, you are supposed to find your prey and then have to hunt that specific pray by using different small weapons. There are different modes in the game like, jungle hunting or water hunting. These modes are available with three different difficulty levels. Hunt your prey and earn scores.

Big Range Hunting 2 mobile game

4. Duck hunt

This is a simple hunting or shooting game. In the game the player has to aim on different size ducks and then shoot them. There are different modes with three different difficulties level. Player has to shoot many ducks in specific time. Normally the time frame is of 30 seconds. Information and details about the bullets are available at the left bottom of the screen. The player has to reload the game after every three shoots.

5. Counter-Strike

It is an online shooting game. This game was invented and launched by first-person in 1998. This game is also operated by Quake program. It is a shooting game between police and the player. The player has to aim at the police in the game and shoot them with different weapons. It is a simple game and is only loved by small children.

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