How to Use SharePod to Sync iPhone Without iTunes

Posted on 10 February 2011

Iphone is the best mobile phone in the world as it is providing many music applications for the music lovers. Many iPhone users purchase iPhone because of these iPhone music applications. To sync your iPhone and Ipod mobile with your computer, iTunes is the only source or medium available as default. This iTunes is supported by Mac and windows operation system only. This program is not supported by Linux. So those users who are using Linux have to find some other program for their iPhone to sync music. There are also many other applications available for the iPhone users to transfer the music from computer to iPhone without using iTunes. One of these iPhone applications is Share Pod. Following are some details about this iPhone application.

Share Pod

This iPhone application is used to transfer the music from computers to iPhones with out using iTunes. This iPhone application is also available for iPads. This iPhone application is loved by many iPhone users, who are used to transfer music from iPhones to computers and computer to iPhones. Share Pod is considered to be the simple and light application for the iPhone. It enables the user to transfer music very fast and easily.

Direct music playing option

Share Pod is a very useful and interesting iPhone and iPad application that it provides an option to the iPhone user to play a music track directly from the iPhone, with the help of this iPhone application.

If you play music directly from this application, it will not provide you many options for your track.

Bidirectional options

This interesting and useful iPhone application provides bidirectional options. With the help of this option a user can transfer data and tracks from iPhone to computer and also from computer to iPhone. For all this purpose there is no need to install extra programs in your iPhone.

So if you have Share Pod in your iPhone, you do not need to use iTunes for sync the music. You can easily move your files and music tracks from your computer to iPhone. Iphone is getting very famous and demanding in the market because of such iPhone applications.

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