Best Strategy Games for Android

Posted on 18 February 2011

Different mobile companies are working in the market and are offering their useful applications. There are also some companies that are providing android mobile phones. There are also many android applications. These applications are very useful, attractive and interesting for the android mobile users. These applications also contain many games. Android games are very famous and are loved by many people.

Best five android mobile games

There are many games that are offered by android mobile company. These games also include some RTS and strategy games.These games are very famous and are highly addictive games. These games are available with very good sound effects and high graphics. Out of thousands of android games, following are the best five android RTS and Strategy games.

1. Robo Defense

This is an android game and is very famous in children and youngsters. This is a tower defense game. In the player has to defense the tower with the help of maps and tracking devices. This game has amazing graphics and is also available in 3-Dimensional graphics for advance android mobile phones. You can purchase this android game for only 3 dollars.

2. Battle for maps

This game is designed especially for the android operating system.

This game is a strategy game and the player has to build many buildings and different units according to the map details. Three are three levels in the game and each level has its own difficulty stage. The game is available with fantastic graphics and sound effects. The controls of the game are also very users friendly and convenient.

3. Defend Homeland

This game is introduced by android mobile phones. This game is RTS (Real Time Strategy) game. In the game the player has to fight against different armies. There are three options of different nations for the player. The player has to complete different missions by fighting against the enemies and aliens. You can fight with the help of guns, tanks, fighting planes and other war units. This android game is also available in multi player option. You can play this amazing game with your friends as well.

4. Pocket Empires Online

This game is especially designed for android operating system. Pocket Empires Online is an online game and this provides the player an option to play the game against hundreds of players all over the world. In the game the player has to build his own empire. The player can use buildings, homes and different technologies to develop the empire. There are different levels of the game and to switch to the next level the player has to fight against many enemies. This game has wonderful graphics and sound effects.

5. Parallel Kingdom AOE

This android game is a multi-player game. In the game the player has to fight against many aliens and other enemies. This is a virtual game and you can spend a good time by playing this game. This game is available with very god graphics and sound effects. This is the reason that many people love this addictive game.a

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