Best iPhone Games of 2011

Posted on 14 February 2011

Every mobile company is providing many games each year to attract maximum users to purchase their brand. These games are loved by many children and youngsters. From many companies of mobile phones, iPhone is the best company that is providing the best mobile phone games to iPhone users. Each year iPhone provides thousands of interesting games for the iPhone game lovers. There are many exciting, adventurous and also horror games available at Apple App Store.

Best five iPhone games in 2011

Like every year, iPhone also introduces many interesting games in 2011 also. These games are loved and played by many people.

Many of these games are especially very famous in college students. Out of hundreds of iPhone games that are introduced in 2011, following are the best five games.

1. Doodle Jump

This is one of the most famous game in 2011. This iPhone game is also famous as a classic game of 2011. This game is considered to be the essential application in any iPhone mobile. Doodle Jump is one of the most downloaded game in 2011. In iPhone games ranking, this iPhone game is on number four in 2011. It is the best time killing game in sleep less nights and in long journeys.

2. Plants VS Zombies

This is the best game of 2011 and is very famous in game freaks.

This game is designed and introduced by POPCAP games. This game is very popular, not only for iPhone users but also for PC users. Plants VS Zombies is also available for PCs. This game is easily available at Apple App Store.

3. Meteor Blitz

This is a very good and interesting game. This game is an adventurous shooting game and is loved by many children and youngsters.

The player has to fight against the space planes by shooting them with space guns. There are six different modes of the game and the player has to complete each mode to switch to the next. All modes are available with three levels of difficulties. The game is available with energetic sound effects and graphics.

4. Final Fantasy

This is one of the best action game of 2011. This game is especially designed for iPhone by Square Enix’s. In this action game the player has to fight against many enemies to complete the stages of the game. Each stage is available with different levels of difficulties. This game is considered to be the best addiction game. If you want to purchase this action game, you can purchase it form any Apple App Store for only 8.99 dollars. It seems a little expensive but it is the best game for fun lovers.

5. All-in-one Game box

This is a new game introduced in 2011. This game becomes very famous in children. In the game there are six different matches, with different levels of difficulties. The game is providing the best and mind blowing graphics and sound effects to the player. This is a very additive game and will not let you get bore in your sleepless nights and long journeys. This game is available at Apple App Store for only 0.99 dollars. This amount worth’s nothing for a lot of fun.

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