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Posted on 08 February 2011

Everybody is well aware of the utility of calendar in our lives. Following are therefore 10 top Mac Calendar applications:



It is easily accessible and also be readily used on you Mac. You can have a look on calendar by different arrangement, i.e. months, weeks and days. It can easily be synchronized with iPhone either through iTunes or with MobileMe. You have the possibility of appending some occasion to any date that you don’t want to forget.  You will also be able to catch revelations of the occasions. You can incorporate the address book in your ICAL.

2. Mozilla Lightning

alt="Mozilla Lightning" width="290" height="290" />

The Mozilla Lighting is a tag on facility. Besides this you can also append other add-ons to make utilization of these. With the help of this application, you may insert or rework several of your jobs and have the possibility of seeing it in terms of moths, weeks, days.

3. Microsoft Entourage

Microsoft Entourage

This is a built in feature of Microsoft Office, Mac 2008 packet. You can have a look at event in task weeks, days and month set up. Besides this you can also identify various events with different colors. You can not only modify as per your requirements, but can also sieve the selection. This calendar is also an element of project management, email and the address book integrated in Microsoft Entourage.

4. Busycal


Though the interface of Busycal is fairly similar to ICAL, but its use is easier. You have the option of synchronizing it not only with iPhone, but also with Google Calendar and Bonjour with the complete permission of reading as well as writing. In order to arrange the occasions by name, date, event, etc; it offers a list view. Additionally, you can also have a look at current climate foretell and can use your technique to arrange the agenda. The trial version with family pack is available at US$ 79 and for a single user at US$49.

5. Free Online Google Calendar

Free Online Google Calendar

The online Google calendar can be accessed free of cost. With the help of this, you can generate some task, roll it and get through your preferred date. You can also alter the colors, pull and plunge tasks to newly selected date.

Another important feature is the possibility of importing or exporting Google calendar.

6. Peminder

This calendar application provides you with the facility of viewing several windows simultaneously. You can have a prompt look at the other occasions and can also make the importation the date of births saved in your address book. You can make a computation of the age of your acquaintance and also make an addition of a new happening to your calendar. In the calendar window, you can swap between various views, like years, months, weeks and multi week. Peminder is free and may also become available on shareware.

7. Menucalendarclock


The Menucalendarclock is also freely obtainable with partial facets. It is not that expensive, so in order to take its full advantage, purchase it for US$19.00.  The major characteristics comprise of: you can made addition of new happenings in a manner that when you hang around over menu bar, you can easily view it and alter the font, color and designs.

8. Free Online Windows LIVE CALENDAR

Free Online Windows LIVE CALENDAR

Just like Google and Yahoo, there is also another free online calendar. You can make addition of different tasks as well as perform other jobs for your desired dates. You also have the option of importation and subscription to other calendar with a click of your mouse. It also bestows you with the printing and sharing provision.


alt="Free Online YAHOO CALENDAR" width="290" height="290" />

Yahoo online free calendar is also available, but it has fewer traits as compared to Google. You have the facility of appending a job to a particular date. You can also put in and share photos with your friends and relatives and can also take print out of these. You have a choice of importing and exporting it to Palm Desktop or Outlook. Nonetheless, it cannot be synchronized with ICAL or Google Calendar.

10. Online Free 30 Boxes

alt="Online Free 30 Boxes" width="290" height="290" />

This application is for the sake of sharing calendar with your business partners. It has the competence to integrate with the social networks, like from your Facebook account; you can make revision in the information. Besides this, you have the facility of reading your messages in queue and also look for your friends. It is available on line free of cost. It has dazzling features.


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