Best Battery Extenders for iPhone

Posted on 15 February 2011

Many best mobile phone companies are also providing many good and beneficial accessories for the mobile phones. Out of these best companies, iPhone is also providing many good accessories for the iPhone mobile users. These accessories help the iPhone users to use their iPhone more easily and conveniently. These accessories also include some battery extenders. These battery extenders help the iPhone user to use the battery for a long time, during long journeys or in long working days.

Best five battery extenders for iPhone

There are many good and useful accessories for the iPhone.

There are also some battery extenders in these accessories. Out of hundreds of such accessories, following are the best five battery extenders for the iPhone mobiles to ease the iPhone users.

1. Kensington K33457US charging dock with mini battery pack

This battery extender is especially designed for iPhone4. This battery extender is considered to be the best battery extender for iPhones. For those iPhone users who can not charge their iPhone battery ever day can use this iPhone battery extender. This will help to extend the time of the battery up to 30 to 35 hours, if you only listen to music, six hours for video and three hours for talking time.

This extension is more than enough for any iPhone user.

2. Satechi iCel 4800 mAh battery extender pack

This battery extender is also one of the best iPhone extender for the iPhone users. This extender is designed to extend the battery time more than twice of the original battery. This is an external battery for the iPhone and users can attach this battery through USB connection. This battery extender is also designed according to iPod.

3. iLuv iBA200BLK mini portable USB rechargeable battery

It is the best iPhone battery extender and is used by many iPhone users. This is an external battery extender.

The user can attach this battery extender to an iPhone or an iPod through USB connection. It is portable and easily helps the user to extend the battery time of any iPhone mobile.

4. Splash external battery pack for iPhone 4

This battery extender is one of the best battery extenders and is especially designed for iPhone 4G. This accessory will help a user to charge and also extend the time of battery when the user is on long journey. This iPhone and iPod battery extender is easily available at Apple Accessories Stores.

5. Konnet PowerEZ plus external rechargeable battery pack

This is the best iPhone accessory. This provides multi functions to an iPhone user. With the help of this iPhone battery extender an iPhone user can charge the battery, protects the iPhone from short circuiting and also provides a small tripod for the mobile. You can also fix this in your cars and also in offices.

All above iPhone battery extenders are very useful for the iPhone users. These extenders will not let the iPhone to become dead in your daily busy lives. You can purchase these battery extenders from any Apple Accessory Store.

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