Best Android Apps for Mothers

Posted on 25 February 2011

Mobile companies are introducing many attractive mobile applications to make their product more famous. This is all done because of market competition and market expansion. Android is the only mobile company that is providing many useful applications for the mothers. These applications are really helpful for the mothers who are at home for their children.

Best ten android applications for mothers

Android is providing hundreds of applications for mothers.

Android Apps for Mothers

These applications are especially designed according to the satisfaction of mothers. Out of the hundreds of android mother applications, following are the best ten applications.

1. Our groceries

This is the most famous and useful application for mothers and house wives. This application provides you a facility to maintain a list of groceries. If you are a mother or a house wife this android application also enables you to synchronize you android mobile phone with your husband’s mobile phone.

This will not only save your time but also save your money which you spend on such calls and messages.

2. Shop savvy

This android application enables a house wife or a mother to purchase the food items and other grocery product with the minimum rates and nearest location. This also provides you a GPRS system through which you can track the shopping centers and other grocery stores. You can compare rates of different products by using this application.

3. My coupons

This is a very time saving and economical android application. This application stores specific grocery coupons that you can show to the cashier and can get your desired coupon amount product.

4. White noise lite

This is a very interesting application. This application is especially designed for the mothers. Android has stored more than forty different sounds in this application. These sounds and track may be a good charm for your baby. You can entertain your baby with these sound tracks easily.

5. Days

This is a very useful application for the mothers. You can record the time schedule about the beginning of the period. This will inform you about the next date of period and hence you can take such drugs as a backup.

6. Doodle kids

This android application enables your child to play with colors on your mobile screen. Your baby can make different patterns of paintings by using your mobile phone. You can also save them in your phone memory. You can also edit and can make hard copies of these color paintings.

7.  Local search

You can now search and track the local stores very easily by using this application. This application will inform you about all the medical stores and other grocery shops. This is very interesting application for mothers.

8.  Recipes

It is one of the best android application for the mothers. This application provides you more than 1000 recipes for your family and also for the baby. This application is really a time saving application.

9.  Days until

It is a very useful application for those mothers who work in offices and are having a very busy schedule life. This application helps you to remember different important dates and tasks like birthdays, appointments and other home works.

10. Facebook

It is one of the most famous social networking site and mothers can relax them selves by chatting with their friends and other community members. You can also check your emails by using this application.

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