Top 10 Anticipate PSP Games

Posted on 27 January 2011

There are many good and interesting PSP games that are available in the market. There are many games that are released in 2010 and are loved by many people who love games.  These games can be played by using different software like, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and Fat Princess. Out of many interesting and famous games, following are the best ten PSP games.

1. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid

This famous game is introduced by Peace Walker. This game is very famous in eastern countries. The game is very simple and is available with different modes. The demo of Metal Gear Solid 3 is also available on internet and the reaction of users is very good.

2. SOCOM US Navy Seals

SOCOM US Navy Seals

This game is introduced and sponsored by Fire team Bravo3. This game is getting very famous among the youngsters and children. This is a shooting game for shooting lovers. The information and details about the weapons of the players are given at the right bottom of the screen. This game was launched in January 2010.

3. Darius Burst

Darius Burst

This is an action game with better sound effects and graphics. In the game the player has to fight against the alien planes. The player has modified weapons. Player can control the plane by using joy stick and other keys to fire the weapons. This game is a Japanese game and hence showing their culture.

4. Resident Evil Portable

Resident Evil Portable

This is a very interesting horror game and is very famous between the youngsters. This game is especially designed for PSP. The player has to kill the aliens and the monsters during the rescue journey. The player is loaded with highly advance weapons.

5. Fat Princess

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This game is introduced by Fistful of Cake. This game is designed for Play station 3. This game was released in March 2010.

The game provides multi player option so that you can play with your friends also.

6. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill

This game is introduced by Shattered Memories. It was released on 12 February, 2010. It is shooting game. The player has to move in a rescue mission. This game is very famous among children and youngsters. In the game there are many hurdles for the player and the player has to destroy them to complete the mission.

7. Army of Two

Army of Two

This game is introduced by 40th Day. It was released on 15 January, 2010. This is an action game, with highly advance weapons. The player has an option to select any weapon as there is a large list of heavy weapons. This game is also available on internet for multi players. More then five players can play this game on internet at a same time.

8. Dante’s Inferno

Dante's Inferno

This game is released on 29 January, 2010. This is a war game in which the player has to fight against many evil forces and aliens. The player has the option of different weapons. There is also a previous version of that game which was also very famous in 2009.

9. Astor Boy

Astor Boy

This game is presented by The Video Game. It was released on 5th February, 2010. This is especially designed for PSP with high quality graphics and sound effects. In the game player has to complete different mission. All missions are available with different difficulty levels.

10. Uncharted PSP

Uncharted PSP

This game was released on 30th October, 2010. This game is very familiar with other PSP games like, Kill zone, Little Big Planet and Motor storm. Uncharted PSP is an adventurous game and is available with different mode and difficulty levels.

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