List of Best Photo Sharing and Storage Sites

Posted on 07 January 2011

People use the online storage and image sharing sites too much. These sites connect the people living in the far off places in the world. The basic purpose of these sites is to connect people socially, across the world. They share photos, videos, and personal daily life experiences. Such sites have reduced the distances and time. The world has turned into a virtual global village. So we do not feel any distance between our friends and relatives all over the world.

There are thousands of such sites through which you can share your photos and videos and your experiences with your friends. But the most famous and widely used ones are given below:

image shearing sites

  1. BubbleShare
  2. Zooomr
  3. Free Image Hosting
  4. itasveer
  5. filedropr
  6. Budpix
  7. Sig Mirror
  8. PBase
  9. Ficker]
  11. ImageShack
  12. our.imgSeek
  13. Picato

  14. Yahoo! Photos
  17. OurMedia
  18. Woomp!
  19. Fotki
  20. AOL Pictures
  21. photobucket
  22. Zoto
  23. Ebay auction videos
  24. Webshots
  25. Buzznet
  26. Riva
  27. Streamload MedioMax
  28. Club Photo
  29. Upload Verse
  30. 23hq
  31. The Black Stripe
  32. Imagestation
  33. Boltfolio
  34. Slide
  35. ShutterBook
  36. photos with the ones you love
  38. FotoFlix
  39. Shutterfly
  40. FotoTime
  41. Smugmug
  42. KodakGallery
  43. PutFile


These online sharing and storage sites are quite useful in certain aspects. But at the same time, they have many disadvantages. People misuse these sites and there are many crimes that are found to be a result of this much wide communication between the people.

Online storage

They use these sites to manage, decide and execute their plans. These criminals are quite often unable to detect. Furthermore, the youth is found to be addicted to such web sites. This not only wastes their precious priceless time but also their heath and mental thinking. As a result the life styles of the people are changing and their preferences are badly affected. Teenagers and youth are found to be more effected by all this. Therefore, these sites have numerous disadvantages.

The parents should ensure strict inspection on their children. Teenagers must also use such sites for healthy and conducive purposes. They can take help regarding their studies and career instead of wasting time and health on non-sense and non-productive activities. The use of the internet must be limited and according to the need and requirement.

Advantages and disadvantages go parallel. It depends on you that how you seek the maximum advantage from this. Invest your time and effort in healthy things. Use such sites, for communicating your farther ones, improving your IQ and general knowledge and seeking some career counseling guidance.

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One Response to “List of Best Photo Sharing and Storage Sites”

  1. Craig says:

    “We regret to inform you that as of November 15th, 2009, the services of are no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but have been happy to provide you with our services and are greatly appreciative of your choice to use Bubbleshare to show off your photos and creativity.
    The Bubbleshare Team”

    How did Bubbleshare make #1 on the list? :-)


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