iPhone Apps for Consultants

Posted on 23 January 2011

iPhone provides many attractive and useful applications for the iPhone users, which not only help them to organize their work but also entertain them. iPhone applications are available for every person, weather he is a students or a business man. iPhone is also providing many useful and advance applications for the consultants. Following are some details about consultants.

Best iPhone Applications for Consultants

iPhone Apps

iPhone is providing a vast variety of iPhone applications for the consultants. There are hundreds of such applications that are available in market as well as on internet for the consultants. Out of these hundred applications, following are the best iPhone five applications for consultants. With the help of such applications, now consultants can manage their profession with more accuracy.

1. Quick Voice to Text Email

It is the best and most demand-able application of iPhone. This application is very useful for the consultants. This application provides you a facility to send emails and text messages to your friend and costumers. By using this application, you do not need to type your message. This application has the ability to convert your voice in written text. You can also use this application to save voice notes in your iPhone. Quick Voice to Text Email application also saves a lot of yours time.

2. TDF Tracker

There are different factors that are very important to run a successful business. Three of these factors are time, cost and distance. Those businessmen who manage these three factors are very successful in their business.

Now iPhone is providing you a very interesting and useful application and with the help of this application, you can easily manage these three factors of your consultancy business. This application of iPhone gives you power to manage your consultancy business with more accuracy.

3. NAVIGON Mobile Navigator North America

Consultancy business is about to consult and give ideas to different people and for this purpose a consultant has to move around to many unseen places. And there is always a problem to find tracks in a new place. But with the help of iPhones and its application NAVIGON GPS, you can find out the desired tracks in America. There will be no fear of getting lost, any more.

4. Get Paid- PDF Invoice and Time sheet

The basic aim of any business is to earn money from your investments. There are always some earnings and some expenses in business field. For a good business it is very important to manage and maintain records of your every transaction. For consultants and other business holders iPhone is providing a timesheet, through which you can maintain records of your every transaction and can also save them in your iPhones. This will help you to improve your business.

5. iThoughts

In every successful business, there are some goals and targets that are planned by the business holder. For this purpose iPhone provides a very good and useful application through which you can manage your ideas and future plans. It is the best iPhone application for iPhone users to organize your thoughts.
With the help of above iPhone application any consultant can manage and run the consultancy business with more accuracy.

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