How to Use GtkPod to Sync iPhone without iTunes?

Posted on 03 January 2011

Apple iPod’s and iPhone’s are an addiction for music lovers. However many of them dislike the media player that is supported in the iPod’s and iPhone’s. This media player is known as the iTunes.iTunes is the only way people can sync their iPod’s and iPhone’s to their computers. This can be frustrating for many people.

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The first reason for this is that they don’t like the media player itself. The second reason is that they use software’s which don’t support iTunes.

Linux Users

A disadvantage is that iTunes is only supported in MAC and Windows.  Therefore other users such as Linux users can face problems. They will have to find another way to sync their iPods to their computers.

Other Media Players

There are other media players available for Linux users. An example is the Winamp media player. Most people dislike certain things about iTunes.

There is one problem which cannot be avoided at all. This problem was that users do not like transferring their whole music library to iTunes. This can be problematic and therefore users want other options that they could choose from. One such alternative is being considered below.


This media player can only be used by Linux users. Linux users can easily transfer music to their iPhone’s and iPod’s by using GtkPod. It is possible for Linux users to use the old version of Amarok. However the new Amarok 2.x cannot support the iPhone’s software as yet.


The media player GtkPod does solve problems for many iPod and iPhone users, who dislike using iTunes. However GtkPod is not the perfect solution either. It is not an easy media player to use.

People can face difficulties using the GtkPod. This could discourage people in using this media player. However those people who dislike the iTunes should give this media player a try.

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