How to Sync iPhone 4 with iTunes

Posted on 05 January 2011

Syncing your iPhone 4 with iTunes is not difficult. If you have an iPhone 4 and you want to have it synced with iTunes, you just need to follow a simple procedure and you will get done with it. Following are some details about the procedure.

Syncing your iPhone 4 with iTunes

Syncing iTunes

People who owe iPhone 4 and get that synced with their iTunes account are showing positive response regarding this. They love this feature. It is quite interesting as well. The beginners may not have much idea and knowledge about it, but they shouldn’t worry. It is quite easy. It is to inform the starters that you have got a lot of options to get synced the following features of your iPhone 4. These features are photos, videos, contacts of your phone book, calendars; you Email settings, Notes, Ring tones, Bookmarks, Music, Web page bookmarks, books, audio books and Pod casts.  This is really interesting and appealing.

Steps for Syncing Between iPhone 4 and iTunes

There are several simple steps that you need to follow in order to execute this and setting up your iPhone for syncing.

Just follow them in the sequence, you will get it done. These steps are given below:

1. Connecting your iPhone with the PC

The foremost step that you need you follow is to connect your iPhone with your PC. After that, launch the iTunes. Then move towards the second step.

2. iTune Sidebar

Approach the iTune’s sidebar and select the option “iPhone”.

3. Select the Desired Features to Be Synced

You have got a lot of options about the features to get them synced. They include Music, photos, videos, email settings, contacts etc. select the desired option that you want to sync and move to the next step.

4. Applying

After getting done with this, just click ‘apply” command. It is present in the bottom right corner of iTunes.

5. Wait for the completion of Syncing

When you click the apply command, you have to wait for some seconds until the syncing gets completed.

6. Unplug iPhone 4

Performing all the above steps properly, just unplug your iPhone from your PC. You are eventually done with all.

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