How to Copy Everything from One iPhone to another

Posted on 21 January 2011

If you own an iPod or i Phone then you might be wondering how come it’s possible to copy data on to your iPod but not on to your iPhone. The answer to this is that it’s not easy and possible to transfer data onto your phone until and unless you jail break your phone. Jail breaking is the only solution which allows you to transfer your data from your desktop onto your iPhone.

For those users who have not yet jail broken their iPhone then this is the tutorial which could help you out jail breaking your iPhone in easy way.

For Users of Windows


In order to transfer data from windows to iPhone you would have to download the iPhone browser. This is software which allows you to drag and drop your data onto the hard disk of your iPhone. This browser is based on windows which allow users of windows to easily transfer data.

Once you have downloaded the iPhone Browser from, you would have to run the installer. This might not work well in Windows Vista, however it works absolutely fine on windows XP. After download this, you would be required to upgrade your iTunes to 7.7.1

The last step is to open the iPhone browser, connect your iPhone to the desktop through the USB cable and then just drag and drop your data on to your iPhone.

For Users of Linux & Other Operating Systems

OpenSSh from Cydia

On any given operating system, if you have a FTP program then you can transfer data onto your iPhone via OpenSSH. In order to make this work you would have to go to Cydia on your iPhone, then navigate to the bottom of the pane and then scroll to Networking->OpenSSH. After reaching this point, you would have to tap on the screen to install it.

On the other end on your pc, open any FTP program, go onto file and then site manager. After doing so, create a new site and rename it as iPhone. After the naming is done you would have to type the following and click connect in the end:

Host: Your iPhone IP address
Server type: SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol
Logotype: Normal
User: root
Password: alpine

After typing the above command, you will be asked for a confirmation for which you will have to click Connect. Once you are connected, you will just have to drag and drop your data from your desktop onto your iPhone.

For Users of Mac


Once you have jail broken you iPhone, you would have to go Cydia where you would have to navigate down to Networking. Here you will find the option of Netatalk which you would have to install on your iPhone.

Once the installation is completed, you would have open up Finder on your Mac and then click on the Shared section after your iPhone is visible there. After you click on it, a blank screen would appear up front on which you would have to click on Connect As. This would then require you to enter the following:

Name: mobile
Password: alpine

Once you have filled in the above data, you are through to transferring your data from your Mac onto your iPhone.

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