Editor’s Choice: Best Car Apps for 2011

Posted on 11 January 2011

This is the period of advance technology. Many social activities are now available for people. Mostly, people are not aware from all of these facilities. However, one can enjoy to pickup these facilities. Mobile apps are considering the most important part of these facilities. There are lots of mobile apps for drivers which can be used while driving the vehicle. These mobile apps can be generally divided into four main categories.

Best Mobile Car Apps

Most of the social media tools can be found in geo-location, entertainment, mobile phone integration apps and promotions. It is kept in mind that these applications are almost operated with the mobile devices. Some of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be accessed using these applications. Mobile sets however, now become very pretty and small. But most of the auto companies are looking to share the social media with people in the vehicles.

Entertainment Apps

There are two sources of entertainment for traffic apps. These apps can easily be accessed from these sources. People can use these apps according to their requirement.

1. Aha Radio app

Aha Radio is one of the most promising free apps among all the available apps in market. This is an interesting offer for people that can be accessed from mobiles, wireless systems and many portable devices. There are lots of features of these apps including traffic data and access of stored music and navigation assistance etc. People can access the favorite music stations of their interest using these apps.

2. Pandora app

People can listen to favorite tunes of their choice while traveling. There are many features of Pandora app available mostly in mobile phones. These apps give variety of music features like other traffic apps to the people. People can share their favorite music stations with their friends and family members. There are many other music features are available in Pandora app.

Geo-location app

There are two types of geo-location apps introduced by different groups. People can easily find and access the locations of their interest using these apps.

1. Google Maps

Automobiles are generally used to move from one place to another. So, geo-location is considered to be an important app among all the mobile apps. Whenever, a person thinks about the geolocation, Google maps are immediately comes in mind.

These Google maps are not only available in the desktop and mobile platforms but can also be now accesses during the driving of a car. Google maps can easily display the street views of the city. So, drivers can enjoy and get help to find the specific location while driving a vehicle.

2. Virtual Road Rally and Caravan apps for Ford Fiesta

These apps are still not technically manufactured. However, these interesting apps are under consideration. Some UM students successfully tried to develop these apps for Caravan. These apps are facilitating with group communication in order to find the reach to the specified location. Virtual Road Rally is also introduced these types of apps. People can easily access these apps to find any location of their interest. Most of the general locations like parks, historic places, business points and others are clearly pointed out in the apps.

Promotion app

1. ‘Marco Polo’ campaign on Facebook by Volkswagen Australia

Volkswagen is sincerely looked for promoting the Polo game especially among younger. This is presenting over the Facebook for this purpose. People can get the important information about the different events, which will be held in various cities. People can easily obtain information about the events of their interest from this campaign.

2. Chevy Baseball iPhone app

This is another promotional campaign like ‘Marco Polo’. This is an introductory campaign for Baseball game. People who are interested in Baseball, they can get a lots of information about it from this promotional campaign. People can easily get information from this source and available tickets for the different events of Baseball game.

Integrated mobile phone apps

There are again two very important kinds of integrated mobile phone apps. People can access and use these apps with different available sources.

1. Android app of General Motors for Chevrolet Volt

GM is sincerely struggling to upgrade the different facilities in its product. Gm gives a variety of introductory and interesting features like Android app to the Chevrolet Volt. Android app is improving with different promising features. People can access these apps very easily. Anyone can unlock the car, recharge the battery and maintain the other features with very easy operating methodology.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee iPhone app

This is another interesting mobile phone integration app after Android for Volt. There are many interesting features available in this app. This app is usually operated with the iPhones. People can easily access and use this app from different available sources for Jeep Grand Cherokee.

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