Dangers of Playing GOD: particle accelerators

Posted on 08 January 2011

It is considering that the entire matter on our earth is abruptly changing into an extremely dissimilar material. These are relatively major changes. At an instance, our bodies have now come to an end. There is no trouble in striking of any colossal piece of rock with our earth at this time. Moreover, there is also no prediction of divinity to end of this world. However, this danger is unseen and considered as very little hazard. Protons and neutrons consist up of quarks. These are tiny building blocks of matter.

Types of quarks

There are different types of quarks.

 Quark types

These may be ‘down quarks’ or ‘up quarks’ and ‘strange quarks’. It is suggested that matter is ultimately comprised up of ‘down’ and ‘up’ quarks. However, a mixture of any types of quarks can be present in a material according to the Big Bang model. Scientists are therefore recognized it as strange matter.

Experimental attempts

Recently, numerous quantum physicists have hardly tried to reproduce the very earliest event of the universe. It is considering very hard to find the exact result of head on collision of two rapidly moving particles. However, scientists are trying to accelerate and collide the particle in order find the exact reason of creation of this universe. This is basically doing at Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and CERN in Geneva.

Ice-9 type transition

A very small strange matter is usually created with explosion in the experiment of particle accelerator. It was observed that this strange matter has negative charge.

This is not according to the expectations of the researchers. Moreover, this is involved to start a chain reaction. Theoretical physicists are calling it ‘Ice-9 type transition’.

Reality of strange matter

It was found that strange matter is swelling very small amount. This happens within very small interval of time. The ‘strange lets’ are started to demolish all the atomic nuclei of positive charge. The globule of this reaction continuously increases and consuming the accelerator and everything around it. This is clearly showing the Ice-9 type transition at this time. It is suggested that it can be destroy the earth in a very few seconds.

Proton accelerator

Explosive results

People are generally not aware from this situation. Everything including human body consists up of atoms. All of the conventional atoms are enabled to exist due to this fact. Every atom on this earth would be opposing each other like the same charges. So, it would be operated similar to an explosion. Therefore, this earth can be converted into a very different matter as a result of this explosion.

Possibility to happen

This is still not happening at this time. However, it would be possible in the near future if it admitted truly. Strange matter is considered as very unstable. This may happens in very short time. This is not required much enough time. However, it is suggested that strange matter consists up of positive charges and these charges are not so dangerous. But stragelets would merely get some electrons from its surrounding atoms and can start a chain reaction.


There is no surety that it would happen or not. No one can predict the happening of this strangeness. However, scientists are very keen to find the reality. There might some possibilities lie with this fact similar to the other past events.

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2 Responses to “Dangers of Playing GOD: particle accelerators”

  1. Richard Kane says:

    The dangers of the large Hadon Collider needs to be put in context.

    Every year Aug 6, 1946 is remembered for the bombing of Hiroshima, but more significantly a month earlier July 16 the first atomic explosion occurred dispute some credible calculation it might destroy the world. Corn was genetically injected with insecticide to be fed only pigs, but national crossbreeding and wind means Mexican peasants get allergies from the insecticide in their corn tortillas.

    In a auto race it there are a couple of deaths the race is stopped and the rules and road condition parameters changed, yet many froze to death chasing after the North than later South pole. There is a habit of incredible risk with now the entire earth as the laboratory,

    See and comment on,
    Richard Kane´s last [type] ..Survivalism can be Sprouts & Potatoes not Guns

  2. Richard Kane says:

    A strange let could be like an oil spill in Switzerland that it might take generations to figure out how to clean up. Hopefully plasma can’t be blown around by a very strong wind, more info at doomsday-gambles-or-false-rumors



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