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Posted on 22 January 2011

iPhone is providing a vast variety of different applications in which there are many games applications, business applications and as well as photo editing and sharing applications. iPhone users use such application for more fun and to benefit themselves. These applications are easily available on Apple Application Stores.

iPhone Applications for Photo Sharing and Editing

iPhone mobiles have their own built in cameras. Most of the iPhones are providing very good cameras with good mega pixels. But still there is always a need for the betterment of the pictures and photos. iPhone is providing many such applications through which you can now make your photos more attractive and advance. Many applications also help you to capture amazing videos by using your iPhone camera. You can also further edit these photos by just using many editing applications.

Best 20 iPhone Photos Applications

There are thousands of iPhone photos applications, through which you can capture videos and pictures with a very good quality. You can also edit them by using these applications according to your satisfaction. Following are the best 20 iPhone applications for photo sharing and editing;

1. Old Booth

You can now change your boring picture galleries into interesting pictures. This small iPhone application will change the appearance of your pictures; even you can give them an old black and white look. To use this program and to make your pictures more attractive, just take a picture from the iPhone gallery and apply a mask from Old Booth. You can adjust the brightness of your pictures and can also rotate them at any angel. You can purchase and download this small application from Apple applications store for only 1.99 dollars.

2. Tilt Shift

This iPhone application is used to move the capturing object or person near and far to the focus. You can adjust your focus on the picture according to your satisfaction and need. You can even focus on very small point on the photograph. This will blur the surrounding areas and will highlight the focused area. This application is available at Apple applications Store for 1.99 dollars only.

3. Camera Bag

This is an iPhone application that enables the user to edit the picture from the iPhone library. This application has eight different effects that you can apply on your pictures. You can turn your photos into black and white effects. You can also manage the contrast and colors of your desired photo. By using this application you can easily crop the desired picture and can take the cropped portion for your use. This application is available at Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars only.

4. Comic Touch

This application is very interesting and it provides you the options to edit your photos. You can insert comic speech bubbles in your pictures and can add interesting comments. This application also provides you instant service so that you can capture the photos and at the same time insert comic bubbles to your pictures. There are many other features also available in this application. You can purchase this iPhone application from Apple App Store for 4.99 dollars.

5. Picoli

This is an iPhone photo editing application. Through this application a user can adjust the brightness and sharpness of the pictures. Beside these options there are also many other options, available in this application. You can purchase your desire application from any Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars.

6. Pano

This is an amazing application by iPhone. You can make some Kolaj work by using this application. You just need to put different pictures in Pano and it will automatically adjust them into a form of Kolaj. You can make interesting portfolios and can surprise your friends as well. You can easily purchase this iPhone application from any Apple App Store for only 2.99 dollars.

iPhone Application for Photo Sharing

iPhone also provides you many applications to share your interesting photos with your friends and family members. There are some details of such applications;

7. Kyte Producer

This is a very interesting application for iPhone users. By using this application you can directly upload your pictures from your iPhone gallery to Myspace, Facebook or to any other social networking site. This iPhone application also enables you to make a slide show of your pictures from your iPhone gallery. You can purchase this application from any Apple App Store.

8. Around Share

This iPhone application is very similar with Kyte Producer. This iPhone application helps iPhone users to upload their pictures and videos on Flicker, Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps. This iPhone application enables the iPhone users to upload and view full resolution photos on their mobile phones. This is a free application and is easily available on Apple App Store.

9. Twitxr

This is also a photo sharing iPhone application that enables the iPhone users to share their interesting pictures and photographs to different online social networking sites. This iPhone application also provides you an online account of Twitxr. You can sign up with this application for free.

10. Pixel Pipe

This is the most famous and advance photo sharing iPhone application that provides more then fifty social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Word Press, to upload your pictures.

You can also tag your photographs according to your need. This is a free application by Apple iPhone.

11. Phanfare

This is an advance photo sharing iPhone application that automatically uploads your photographs from your iPhone gallery to Phanfare account. This is an online account. The user does not have to wait for so long to upload the pictures. Phanfare provides you free 1GB storage of your photographs in your online account. This iPhone application also provides the iPhone user, the option of slide show. This is a free iPhone application and is available at every Apple App Store.

Other beneficial Photo applications

There are also many other interesting and useful Iphone application for your iPhone pictures and photos.

12. PicVault

This is an advance iPhone application that hides your secret photographs, which you do not want to show every body. This application provides the iPhone user a secret folder, with some pin code or password on it. You can save your secret and confidential photographs in that folder. Without the access of password no one can see those pictures. This iPhone application is available at Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars only.

13. Night Camera

This is a very common problem that those photographs that are captured during night are blur and are not of very good quality. Night Camera iPhone application helps you to sharpen the light effects during night to make the picture clearer and of good quality. This application makes the camera normally slow and takes almost 3 seconds to capture the photo. This application is available at Apple App Stores for only 0.99 dollars.

14. PhotoCalc

This is an advance application that is used by professional photographers. This is not a sharing or editing iPhone application. This iPhone application helps a photographer to adjust the flash and lens of the camera for better results. This application will do all mathematical calculations that are related to the distance and lens focusing. It is also adjust the light effects accordingly. You can purchase this iPhone application from any Apple App Store for 2.99 dollars only.

iPhone Video Applications

There are also many useful and interesting iPhone applications for video capturing.

15. 12 Seconds

This is a very good and interesting application to make films on your iPhone. You can join your family and friends pictures a film. You just need to put some pictures and an audio file to make your photo film. 12. Second application will automatically make a slide show with an audio recording. This is a free application and is available at any Apple App Store.

16. iPhone Video Recorder

This is a video capturing iPhone application. This application is considered to be the most expensive application of iPhone for recording videos. This application is available at Apple App Store for 24.95 dollars. This application can record a video at a rate of 15 to 18 fps. After recording it automatically creates a compress folder to save the storage drive. It has four different modes.

17. Cycorder

This is a best iPhone application, if you want to convert your iPhone into a video recording tool. This iPhone application uses MJPEG files format. The recording rate is 15 fps. This iPhone application provides a very good and high quality video for the iPhone users. This is a free iPhone application and is easily available at Apple App Stores.

18. Animoto

This iPhone application is a simple video recorder for the beginners. This also helps the iPhone users to make attractive new slide shows with back ground sound effects. This application allows an iPhone user to select more then 20 pictures for the slide show. This application is easily available at Apple App Store.

19. Qik

This iPhone application is especially designed for those iPhone users, who want live recordings of good quality. It is a simple recorder. But using this iPhone application you can also share your iPhone videos with your friends and family members.

20. CBS Eye Mobile

This iPhone application allows you to upload your pictures and videos to CBS, citizens’ journalist website. This iPhone application allows you to comment on the latest discussion on the CBS website. This iPhone application also allows you to print your photos as it has in-built printing software.

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