Best iPhone WinterBoard Themes

Posted on 18 January 2011

If you are reading this, there is a high chance that you have an iPhone and want to make it more beautiful and eye-catching. The best way to do that is by downloading themes from Cydia, a free software that lets you download loads of fun themes. You would also need the iPhone Winterboard, which is the best and easiest way to Jailbreak and download free iPhone aps.

Following is a compilation of the hottest iPhone Themes available on Cydia Themes.

iphone winterboard themes

Doodle Christmas Theme

Ho Ho Ho. Heres a theme from Santa and his workers to rekindle your iPhone’s Christmas spirit

iOS 4.0 Winterboard Theme

You don’t have to download the iPhone 4.0 Software to get its classy look. This theme gives you that Elegent look

Alit Winterboard Theme

This theme gives your iPhone a glossy and appealing look, and is very eye catching

GinoAwesome Theme

Go back in time and be young again with the colourful and cute icons in this theme.

Classica iPhone 4 Winterboard Theme

Every iPhone 4 must have this theme. Its HD icons will captivate your eyes.

Blue Thunder WinterBoard Theme

Addicted to power? Theres nothing more powereful than the lighting! And this theme gives you exactly that.

Ferrari WinterBoard Theme

Use your iPhone to show your addiction to the Hot Red Ferrari with this theme

Avatar HD Video iPhone Theme

The movie that captivated the imaginations of billions of people across the globe is now on your iPhone in this amazing HD video Theme.

iComplete 3 iPhone Theme

The iComplete 3 theme is full of surprising icons that will capture your attention every time!

Ultimate Chrome Theme

This theme makes your iPhone mettalic and shiny, enough to make your friends take a second look

Glasklart iPhone Theme

The best thing i like about this theme is the way all the icons are transparent and glossy, and blend in with ANY wallpaper you put up, making it look different.

iBox Carbon WinterBoard Theme

Just like the Alit Winterboard theme, this also has a carbon based background and more than 2000 icons already built in, which makes your iPhone experience even more extraodinary.

Windows Seven Ultimate Theme

Miss your computer? Now bring it to your iPhone with this Windows 7 theme which features custom lock screens, attractive icons and much much more.

BlackMac iPhone Theme

Make your iPhone look dark and foreboading with this Black theme.

Black Chrome iPhone Theme

This theme adds black borders around every icon on your screen, making them attactive.

Bliss iPhone Theme

Relax, take a deep breath and enter a cool and peaceful world with this pleasent theme.

iWood Realize Theme

This creative theme makes it look like your icons are on an old rusty shelf.

Xadack’s Shock Orange Theme

Make your iPhone come to life in a haze of Vibrant Orange!

Aqua Flivor Theme

Go underwater and discover amazing shaded of blue in this amaing theme.

Betty Boop Theme

Experience “Girl Power” with this exciting mix of Pink, Purple and torqiouse in this classy theme.

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