Best iPhone Apps of 2011

Posted on 24 January 2011

Applications in any mobile phone determine its worth. There are many types of mobile phones available in the market, with different applications and programs. But the best applications and programs are only available in iPhones. This is the reason that iPhones are on number one in mobile applications ranking. All iPhone applications are designed under the supervision of highly expert teams. iPhone considers the need and demand of iPhone users. Following are some details about the iPhone applications.

iPhone Applications

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There are a lot of iPhone applications that are being used by iPhone users. People love iPhone applications and use these applications to improve their life styles and standards. Almost all iPhone applications are very good and are useful for different people.

Top five iPhone Applications of 2011

Following is the list of the most useful five applications that are introduced in 2011.

1. Google

This is the best application and is used by every person, whether he is a student or a businessman. This application can provide you any information that is needed according to your profession. This application is also linked with Wikipedia that allows you to explore more accurate results. You can use this application by GPS phones. Google in iPhones is getting more accurate and advanced as Google is focusing on mobile browsing.

2. Hipstamatic

This is a very useful application and is used very frequently in 2011 by many iPhone users. This application helps you to filter your files and pictures. Through this advance application you can protect your pictures and can avoid discolors of pictures.

You can also add effects and other changes to your pictures for better results. This also provides you an option of editing your pictures.

3. Urbanspoon

This application is one of the best iPhone applications in 2011. In this application you can store different information, regarding your daily life experience. You can store information about different restaurants and about its appearance and properties. This can also store contacts information for the records. For iPhone users, this application is also designed to track ways and directions on the map.

4. Star Walk

It is also an attractive and useful application of 2011. This application is used and loved by many iPhone users. This application helps you to explore sky and galaxies. If you are not sleepy and bore at night, take views of different directions and enjoy the exposure of nature. It will remind you about your different life experiences and pictures.

5. Quick Office Mobile Suite

It is the best application for iPhone users. This application is used by many iPhone users in 2011. Quick Office Mobile Suite allows you to change different options in your iPhone mobile. This also allows you to view Microsoft Office files. But you can not edit them. There are other applications available to edit Microsoft Office files. This application can save your desired Microsoft Office files in your iPhone. You can prepare small works of your office by using this application if you are in a journey and do not have a complete PC.

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  1. Jared says:

    These apps are really cool! I also use another one, Who’s Free, with my friends. really helps to meet up with friends who are free the same time I am:) they are at the Social Media Week now and I got it here


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