Best iPad games

Posted on 31 January 2011

IPad is the best phone for the year 2010 because of its amazing applications and new games. IPad is offering many new exciting applications and hence, it is on number one in ranking of mobiles. The most selling applications are Apple games for iPads.

Best Apple iPad games

There are thousands of iPad games available in the market. You can purchase these games from Apple App Store. Out of thousands of iPad applications that include different games, following are the best games for iPads.

angry birds

1. Angry Birds

This is an iPad game and is available at any Apple App Store for just 0.99 dollars. This is a very attractive and exciting game. In the game there are different buildings that are constructed by the pigs; the player has to destroy those buildings by using a group of birds. There are different modes in the game and on each mode the difficulty level increases by one, automatically. In higher levels, the player has to destroy more complex and huge buildings.

2. Doodle Jump

This is an iPad game and is available for 0.99 dollars. In this game the player has to travel through different tracks. The player has to cross different galaxies by destroying the monsters and their weapons.

There are many levels in the game and each level has its own difficulty stage. This is an addictive games and this game is very famous in children.

3. Fruit Ninja

This game is available at any Apple App Store for 0.99 dollars only. This is a very famous game among youngsters and children. In the game the player has to slash the fruits and cut them into pieces. There are many fruits in the air that the ninja has to slash. There are scores on every fruit slash.  The player has to slash the fruit in air, before touching the ground.

4. Glass Tower 2

ipad games

A very interesting game and is available for free at Apple App Stores. There are many levels in the game and higher levels are more complex then the lower levels. The player has to destroy the glass buildings of different colors. On destruction of the glass houses, the player will get scores.

5. Defend you r Castle

This is also a free iPad game that is available at Apple App Stores. This game is especially designed for iPads. In the game the player has to destroy and fire the soldiers that are coming toward your castle to destroy it. There are different difficulty levels and you can adjust them according to your need.

6. Grand Theft Auto

It is a very good game and is available for free. This game is with very high 3D graphics and sound effects. There are different missions which the player has to complete with different difficulties level.

Games for iPad

There are also many other exciting games that are also available for iPads. You can visit Apple App Store for complete games details. You will also get the information of new games from these online stores.

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