Best iPad Apps for Business

Posted on 30 January 2011

Many online and mobile applications are available for business use. But normally mobile applications are more convenient for small operations and functions. Businessmen also recommend, using mobile applications for small management of the business. For this purpose many mobile phone companies are providing different applications. From these companies iPad is also providing many useful and interesting applications for the businessmen.

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Best five iPad applications

The large screen of the iPads provides a good platform to handle business files and other details. You can view details of different documents and can easily print them for hard copies, directly from your iPad. You can do all this, if you are using a good application on your iPad. There are thousands of such applications available in the market as well as on the internet. But the best five applications and their details are as following;

1. Quick voice 2 text Email (PRO Recorder)

It is the best application on iPad. You can send emails and text messages by using this application. This application provides you an option to just speak your message and it will automatically convert the voice message into text message. This will save your time as you do not need to type lengthy emails and messages.

2. iThoughts HD

This application is especially designed for the business holders.

This is designed so that the businessmen can visualize and plan for the business and future investment. This application will help you to connect your random thoughts and plans.

3. i-Clicker power point remote for iPad

This is an advance application to view and edit the power point files on your iPad. You can design presentations of your business on your iPad by using this application. This will help you to edit your PC files as well. This application is very useful for those businessmen who travels a lot and do not have mobile PC along with them. Such people can easily manage their presentations during their journey.

iPhone Remote

4. ISSH-SSH/VNC Console

This application is especially designed for iPad users those who are technical traders. This will help technical traders to make SSH connections, directly from your iPad. You can also maintain multiple connections. This will ease your work and you do not need to pay for every individual connection of SSH.

5. Office² HD

This is the most useful and interesting application for the businessmen by iPad. By using this application, a businessman can view and also can edit the Microsoft Word files and also Microsoft Excel Files on his iPad. There is also an option of spelling check in this application, which makes the editing process more easy and flexible.

These applications by iPad are very useful for business holders and mostly businessmen are using these iPad applications to improve their businesses. There are also many more applications available that will help you according o your business.

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