Best Car Apps for Iphone

Posted on 09 January 2011

Smartphone’s have become quite the rage. The main reason for this is that these Smartphone’s feature ever kind of applications possible. The most popular Smartphone is the Apple iPhone.

The Apple iPhone has many great features. It gives you full internet access, GPS and great music as well. Additionally other companies have created new applications for Apple iPhone’s which include fantastic games. Below we shall consider the top 5 iPhone Apps that one should have in their cars.

1.  Dynolicious

Dynolicious is a performance meter which can measure braking g-forces, times and speeds, horsepower, elapsed time and trap speeds.

iphone car apps

The in-built accelerometer of the iPhone will convert your vehicle’s information into real time data. The app has been rated as four stars and can be used on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and the iPod Touch. Dynolicious will however only interest people who are conscious about the speed and performance of their vehicles.

2. TripAlyzer

TripAlyzer plays the role of an onboard data center and calculates the vehicle’s fuel efficiency and its average speed. It can be bought for $5.99 and will help users calculate how to use your fuel more efficiently.

The app helps to improve your eco-friendly driving skills by letting users know how much they have spent at the end of each trip that is made.

3. Trapster

Trapster will warn you about any speed traps, police hang outs, speed cameras and stop-light cameras in your area.  By using Wi-Fi the app will allow you to see your exact location on a map. If you are a registered Trapster user then you can receive text messages for police reporting. It seems to be one of the best modes of radar detection and is absolutely free.

 iPhone applications

4. iGasUp

IGasUp is a very handy app since the gas prices have escalated. It allows users to locate places where they can buy gas for the cheapest prices and can be purchased for $2.99. The app will provide the top ten cheapest places to buy gas depending on where you are located. The information originates from Oil Price Information Service which supplies information to the AAA as well.

5. Carticipate

Carticipate is basically a social network which helps users to save money on fuel, while, at the same time they play their part in the reduction of CO2 emissions. The application can be used in different languages which include English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Italian. You can search for ride locations which are situated close their locations.

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