Apple’s Volume Purchase Program

Posted on 04 January 2011

A change in application store’s developer terms and conditions were spotted. This change was found allowing the developers 50% discount if they offer their application for bulk purchases normally by educational institutes. Therefore, it is basically for the benefit and advantage of the educational institutions. This program will promote and support the educational institutes and will also improve the quality of such institutes.

Apple Debuts App. Store Volume Purchase Program for Educational Institutes

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Taking specifically about Apple, a program for educational institutes regarding the advantages of the discounted pricing has been posted. The basic idea, through which it was to be accomplished, was Volume Purchase program. It becomes easy for the educational institutes to purchase iOS applications because of Volume purchase program. It is about the volume and the distribution of the application to different users. A special offer to the app. developers has also been given by the purchase program. They can avail it if they purchase 20 or more applications.

Therefore, with the help of volume purchase program, purchasing of iOS apps becomes quite easy. Normally there are hundreds of students in a college and if apple is signing a contract with one college, it can sale a lot of applications to many users. In such cases, minimizing the profit margin is good to facilitate the customers.

Volume Purchasing

If we talk about the procedure required for volume purchasing, there are certain vouchers which are available for accomplishing the Volume purchasing. They are available through the Apple Store of Education in certain denominations. These denominations are mostly of $100, $500, $1,000, $5,000, and $10,000. There are authorized representatives which sell these vouchers. You can purchase these vouchers from them. They are delivered through the regular mail. After that, they can be distributed to the program facilitators. Then, can be redeemed in the application store.

This is actually Apple Debuts Applications Store Volume Purchase Program for Educational institutes. It is basically aimed for helping the educational institutes to seek maximum benefits from the discount pricing. The procedures and ways to get it accomplished are quite specific and beneficial as well.

Apple’s Contributions

Thanks to apple as providing and maintaining such a program, in which students who do not have more money, can also get benefits from the applications and can purchase such app. for their work and according to their satisfaction. This program is also beneficial for Apple, as this program provides a lot of sale on a minimum profit. This program is also a great source of publicity for Apple applications.

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