Windows 8 Leak

Posted on 09 December 2010

Recently, there seems to have been a series of leaked Windows 8 presentations. These presentations have proven to be insightful. They show Microsoft’s future plans regarding the Windows 8.

The Same Blueprint

As far as the blueprint is concerned there isn’t much difference. The company seems to be following the pattern of Windows 7. The company had not revealed any of there plans. However the leak said it all.

One can find out a lot by reading the leaked documents. The leaked Windows 8 Planning Documents are quite detailed. However one should not assume too much by reading them. This is especially in regard to the PowerPoint presentations.


Microsoft has a history regarding its products. Their products are usually very different from their initial incarnation. An example is Windows Vista.

It was a different operating system than the original Longhorn plan. The plan was revealed at the 2003 Professional Developers Conference. So one cannot be sure as to how accurate the documents are.

Some slides were presented in April. This was made at a forum with PC and hardware makers. The company noted that they had too many ideas. More ideas then they could implement.

However the leaked documents are quite clear. They provide the closest look as to what Microsoft is up to. And what there next release is.

The Documents

The documents outline certain key areas for the Next Windows. This includes a focus on improved boot time, simplicity and ease of use. Changes have been aimed at making Windows more power efficient and simpler.

There are also some specific plans mentioned. Plans such as an App-Store as well as plans to de-emphasise support for FireWire. Also things like increasing support for location-based services.


Windows 8 is also said to be competing with tablet devices. This includes the Apple’s iPad. They are clearly trying to create more room for Pc makers. So that they can stand out from the other competing brands in the market.


As far as the power is concerned Microsoft wants to improve. Starting up the Windows 8 and resuming it from sleep are the main areas of focus. This will be difficult due to other applications and services loading up too.

The documents also show details about a Webcam. Microsoft might be toying with the idea of using it as a broader input device. Also using face recognition to authenticate users. The camera can also sense when the user walks away.


The documents were prepared for Hewlett-Packard. They showed up for downloading on This is the source of the leakage. It is a Windows enthusiast site.

The entire blog was taken down. The reason was that it had violated Microsoft’s terms of service. It does seem that the documents are genuine.

Future Plans

Microsoft is in no mood yet to talk about Windows 8. However the documents did reveal future plans. It had a timetable for Windows Live and Internet Explorer 9. This timetable was related to the future releases of both these programs.

There was also some talk about an “air cover” market campaign. It was designed to tout the combination of Windows 7 and the new Windows Live. This was something that Microsoft had indicated to do too.

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