VAIO J Touchscreen PCs

Posted on 01 December 2010

Sony has released J touch series of all in one touch screen PCs for home users. There are different prices and price range is 900 to 1200 dollars. These PCs have three hardware buttons to control the features, music and maintenance. They are with Intel processors of different speeds, NVIDIA graphics and a real key board is also available.

The J series touch screen PCs are offering 21.5 inch 1920×1080 displays for full HD, an optional Blu-ray drive, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, and a built-in webcam. With its multi-touch interface, users can scroll, zoom and rotate images with finger movements.

Three hardware buttons on your PC

Sony is providing three hardware buttons to make the use of these PCs simpler and user’s friendly. The VAIO button helps the user to control media gallery through which you can search and enjoy your music collection. You can create twenty-one unique channels of music in the gallery. You can search your old and favorite songs on this channel just by following the name.

ASSIST button

You can control and maintain the maintenance procedures, including a VAIO care software program. You can run your desire application for a long time by clicking DISPLAY OFF button to save energy. You can also select the option of hibernation for your PC.

Sony is also providing you the technology of face tracking through webcam. You can enjoy video chats on Webcam Message Board software. This software also provides you the option of handwriting on your PC.

CD and DVD usage

You can watch and search CD and DVD on your PC. This provides you an option of read and writes CD and DVD. Both facilities are provided with your Sony PC. They also provide you a slot for an SD memory card, and a multimedia card reader.

Especially for Home Use

System configurations are VPCJ117FX/B model is built around an i5-450M Intel Core processor running at 2.40 GHZ with Turbo Boost of up to 2.66 GHz, and 6GB of system memory, NVIDIA Ge Force graphics with 512MB VRAM, and either Windows 7 Home Premium or the Professional 64-bit OS. Starter is included, but its Word and Excel applications are functionally reduced from regular versions and come with advertising.

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