Types of Internet Browsers

Posted on 10 December 2010

Though the Safari and Internet Explorer are good for browsing, but these have now become old fashioned. It is like living with your parents as you are born into these, and now ultimately, you need to discover the external world.

You have been using these browsers, since the time you have started to use your PC. Now in order to have the superlative knowledge, you need to spread out your e-horizons.

That comparison may not be more appropriate, as working with the Internet Explorer can be a better option.  Experimentation can be regarded as meaningful exercise, because a browser can radically change the approach, interrelated to internet.

Each of the browsers has its own characteristics and add-ons that you may like or you have never felt the need for using these.

The choice of using internet browsers is unrestrained. The most widely used are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but it would be practically non-viable to unearth the diamond in the jagged.

The below is a small list to help you in your browsing journey, and optimistically it will enhance your joy of using internet.

Internet Explorer 8

IE is certainly one of the best browsers for using parental controls. Besides that it is prompt and safe. However, sometimes, it becomes frustrating because of all the bewildering security pop-ups.

The best part of working with IE is that it will work with every website. Some of the websites can be seen only on IE; otherwise these won’t be displayed properly.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5

After its slow speed initially, the Firefox whiz along and offers better security. It also has a nice looking perceptive interface. It has a nice add-ons facility, so you can pull what you see and add brand new features.

One of its best utility is its feature that lets you allow downloading YouTube videos on your PC. Firefox is really the ideal choice for the all round purpose by the intermediate user.

Google Chrome

The Chrome works on high-powered features and makes them exceptionally easy for the user. Web applications can run in a selected window and feel like a distinctive software. With Chrome, you can also formulate desktop shortcuts that can take you to a full screen version of what you want on the web.

Opera 9.6

Opera is the dark horse of the web browsers.  It has an amazingly incredible voice command feature through which you can browse the web and Opera reads text to you. You also get a chance to have a look at diversified websites using mouse gestures.

It allows you to browse faster than any other browser.  The negative point is that it does not have parental controls and some of the websites are not compatible with Opera, as it is a relatively new browser.


Safari shares many of the characteristics with top rated browsers like Firefox and IE8. It is therefore, incredible, if you want something swift and spontaneous for Mac. Nonetheless, it lacks in the security and parental control departments.

Maxthon 2.5

Maxthon works very well as far as speed and usability is concerned.  You can drag and drop links from other programs, like MsOffice Word right into the browser. Maxthon uses mouse gestures characteristics as well as anti-freeze technology.

You will be able save all of your sides at the end of the session which enables you to start from where you ended. This is a worthy feature, if you have sporadic browsing. It is extremely reliable, but does not have too many features or add-ons utility. So far, more than 300 people have downloaded it.


You have the access to Face book, MySpace and Twitter at the same time with this browser. Flock is designed for you to share and receive real life stories through a media bar. It can also track any updates on your social networking sites.

Though Flock is quite secure, but it lacks many other features, like it does not have tabbed browsing, integrated search engine or even a spell checker. It , however, can be utilized as an ideal secondary browser for getting in touch with friends.

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