Top Winterboard Themes for Jailbroken iPhone

Posted on 11 December 2010

There is a great way to personalize your mobile. You can do this by adding themes to it. It can show off your taste, perceptions and personality.

The best way to do all these things is through the iPhone. Due to its big screen, everything looks better on it. The themes that will be discussed will transform your iPhone. You will love your iPhone even more.


The themes that will be considered are Winterboard. This means that they are jailbroken. However, they are available on Cydia.

Where certain information is required it has been mentioned with the themes. One thing must be kept in mind. By having a theme your iPhone’s battery will drain faster. Now the themes will be discussed.

HTC Hero Theme

It was originally an HTC Android Hero theme. It had a superb implementation of Sense UI. The iPhone version hasn’t delivered the same functionality. However it still transforms your home screen.

The installing of this theme might prove to be tricky. RedmondPei has a detailed guide for its installation. you can follow that.


This is a very neat theme. You can enable it through Winterboard for your iPhone or iPod. The default theme can also be found. It is in Cydia under ModMyi repository.

The theme has icons for stock applications and other popular apps. It contains alternative apps as well. Wallpapers, badges, dock and a status bar is also included.

The five column spring-board are not part of this theme. They are installed through separate hacks. The SBSettings theme is also not included either. Its icons are also smaller in size then the stock ones.


It is available in Cydia via ModMyi repository. GlasKart is a Swedish name. It means “clear like glass”.

The theme showcases your wallpaper. It is generally transparent and works best with user-defined wallpapers. Preferably this should be dark wallpaper. It will go with the theme’s dark outlook.

The theme comes with 5100 icons, custom badges and pop-up dialogs. Other things include calculator skin, SMS bubbles and dialler skin. There are also options for separate customization. The best part is that GlasKart is free.

Matte Nano

This theme gives your phone a matte-finish look. It is also available through the ModMyi repository. It comes with 2295 icons, wallpapers and badges. Other things include status bar and docks.

Matte Nano also has an icon template file and mask function. This will resize icons for apps whose alternates are not available. The Matte UI Graphite along with this theme will give the ultimate effect.


It features a matted icon art. It has smaller and more rounded icons. Also it contains a softer palette compared to the default iPhone.

This theme adds icons for a huge number of apps. Simultaneously there is glowing neon underneath which looks great. There is also a glowing green orb to unlock the screen.

Illumine is in constant support. This means that new icons keep on adding to this theme. The best part is that it’s free.

Ultimate Chrome

This gives an all-metal look to your phone. The outlook is cool brushed silver chrome with great customizing features. This includes a lock screen that works with AndroidLock and LiveClock. The theme also has great custom loader screens.

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