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Posted on 14 December 2010

Apple is providing many useful applications for business use and hence it is one of the most used iPhone by many business men. It provides you many useful applications that will help you in your business as well as in daily lives. Following are some ten best useful iPhone applications that will help you in your business.

1. Unit converter

This application is one the most useful application for business men and women because by using this application you can convert units for different physical quantities. You can change almost 16 different categories by using this application.

List of physical quantities that can be converted

  • currency (also provides you live update)
  • temperature
  • distance
  • weight
  • volume
  • time
  • surface
  • speed
  • angle
  • data storage
  • energy
  • power
  • pressure
  • concentration
  • radioactivity
  • typography

It is so simple to use this application. It has a built-in calculator with standard unit’s information. It is the best and fastest application to convert units.

2. PDF Reader Pro

It was a major problem that you can not read PDF format files in your iPhones but in new iPhones you can read the PDF format files on a big screen. You can also edit them by using editing option. You can also upload PDF files by using Wi-Fi. Document scanner features are also included in this application.

PDF Reader Pro features

  • Document Manager(copy, paste, cut, delete, rename)
  • PDF viewer
  • Landscape view (auto-rotation)
  • Wi-Fi sync
  • Pinch Zoom in/out (by two fingers)
  • Jump to the page you want
  • Remembering the last viewed location
  • Tap zone (see our website)
  • Read password-protected files
  • Book marking
  • Outline
  • Upload PDF Zip file (only one step to manage and upload all of your files).
  • Download PDF files from any website with our built in browser.
  • Download PDF files from Email attachment with our built in browser.
  • Mail PDF format files
  • USB file transfer for iPhone(iOS4) and iPad

Scanner features

  • Exposure (enhancement of document)
  • Black and White document
  • Multi-pages PDF support
  • PDF Preview-Import pages from your photo library
  • Mail out photos

3. eWallet

It is a very simple application and you can save your bank and other important passwords in it. There is no need to remember complex and difficult password just save them in your iPhone.

Features of eWallet

  • It protects your information completely.
  • It is a secure storage of passwords, PIN codes and user names.
  • Strong 256-bit AES encryption
  • Secure storage for bank and credit card information.
  • An automatic password generator to create strong, secure passwords

4. Biz Expense

This is very useful application to manage your business transactions just by using your iPhone mobile. You can track your business transactions and can manage them on your mobile phone.

Features of Biz Expense

  • You can create, delete or browse you paying entities, expense categories and subcategories, Employer/Client/Customer data and expense entries.
  • Attach photo images of receipts
  • Currency rate conversion for international travel
  • Mileage reporting
  • Password protection

5. Flight Track

This is a very useful application for those business men who travel more. This application will inform you about your Flight information and will track your schedule according to your flight timing.

Features of Flight Track

  • Covers more than 4,000 airports worldwide
  • Full international coverage with 1,400 airlines
  • Find alternate flights
  • Offline mode for use in airplanes, including maps
  • Set daily repeating flights

6. Hop Stop

It is tracking application and if you are in an unfamiliar city and you lost your way it will help you find it out. It will provide you complete public routes and will guide you accordingly. By using this application it will inform you your location and your destiny point.

Those areas in which it is supported

  • New York City
  • Metro-North Area (Westchester, Connecticut)
  • Long Island
  • New Jersey
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Atlanta
  • Philadelphia
  • Delaware
  • Baltimore
  • Providence, RI
  • Hartford, CT
  • London
  • Paris

7. GateMaps Lite

This application is also for those business men, who travel more. You can find out your way to your gate in airport by using this application. On unfamiliar airports you do not need to worry because Gate Maps Lite will help you.

Coverage areas

This application only includes the following airports;

  • Atlanta (ATL)
  • Chicago/O’Hare Int’l. (ORD)
  • John F. Kennedy Int’l. (JFK)
  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • Miami International (MIA)
  • San Francisco Int’l. (SFO)

8. Skype

This application provides you free calls from Skype to Skype if you are connected with Wi-Fi. You can make video calls by using this application. You can also receive calls by using this application. It also provides you a facility to call or text your friends or business partners if you are not in your country.

9. Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite

This application helps you to work on Microsoft office. You can read such files and can also edit them. You can download and upload these files on internet by using your mobile.

Features of Quick Office Connect Mobile Suite

  • Create, Open & Edit Word documents
  • Create, Open & Edit Excel spreadsheets
  • Transfer desktop files via Wi-Fi
  • Remotely Access files from multiple cloud service providers
  • Email & Access files directly via iPhone
  • Mount your device as a drive via Wi-Fi
  • Advanced Notepad Editor

10. Print n share for advance printing

It is best application to deal with your documents. You can view, store and print email, documents, files, attachments, photos, contacts and web pages on your iPhone mobile.

Features of Print n share

  • Email files, photos, web pages & formatted messages
  • Print email & attachments
  • Send and Receive emails from your own email accounts
  • Save emails & attachments as files
  • Attach multiple files & images to new emails

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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    Hi There,

    I travel around the World at least once month from Wellington, New Zealand and am constantly prone to delayed or cancelled flights and my business contacts and family are constantly trying to understand when I am landing so that they can reach me.

    I have therefore created an iPhone application that gives live departures and arrivals information for any flights at any given airport around the World. You can find an overview of the application at

    There is also a draw to win an ipad everytime a milestone of 10,000 download is reached on the AppStore, more information can be found on: