Top 6 Best Movie Apps for iPad

Posted on 02 December 2010

The iPad has been a sensation all over the world. If you are a movie or television buff, then you’ll definitely love it too. It has lots of  fantastic iPad movie apps, which has Apple users addicted to the iPad. We shall discuss some of them.


It offers excellent service. It was installed on the iPad before the iPhone, and many were surprised by this. It is a one-window browser that loads a tailored version of the site.

This app allows the you to watch any movie in its instant watch collection. There are other features included in it as well. You can delete or add any movies you like. It is a free app but the subscription is 9$ per month. There is a free 30 day trial so you can try it for yourselves.


For full access you will need a subscription. The subscription is about 10$ per month. However, there is a free gallery where you can view single episodes of some good shows. The subscription will not exempt you from the periodic adds that appear during playback.

ABC Player

This app allows you to watch episodes of certain ABC shows. These include desperate housewives and Modern Family. It is quite good.

Until now it has 4 daytime shows and 33 night time shows that are available. You can also view any specials that appeared in the last few months. It is definitely a must have feature.


It shows you movie times at your local theaters. You can also buy your tickets through this app. It is extremely useful when you want a ticket immediately. And it keeps you updated with all the latest movies.


This is a database of television shows and actors, movies and what not. So if you’re watching a movie on Netflix this helps you out. You can find out all the information of that particular movie.

This app also has local showtimes and trailers. Just like Flixster. This fabulous app is for free and it is quite fast.

Yahoo Entertainment

This app is quite interesting. It provides you with a range of options. If you tap on the magazine option it will take you to Yahoo, Entertainment News.

If you tap on the option of TV Guide, it shall show you all the shows. The DVD option will take you to Yahoo! Video. They each have their own unique interfaces and are quite good.

They are many other apps available for iPad users. These were just a few. They are quite addictive once you start using them.

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