Top 30 Best iPhone Apps of 2010

Posted on 05 December 2010

The iPhone has been very successful all over the world. It is a good-looking, sleek and lightweight phone. Most importantly, it has fantastic apps, which we shall consider.

Angry Bird

This is a very good game to have on your iPhone. The basic gist of the game is to launch birds from a sling-shot. These birds will crush piggies and topple buildings. It is a must have.

Plants V Zombies

Its a creation by the PopCap. It is a game, where you have to protect your home from invasion. The Zombies will try to invade your house. To protect it you will have to place plants that will freeze, blow-up and crush your enemies.


One could claim that it is the best 3D arena shooters for an iPhone. It is very easy to handle. More importantly, it is an extremely smooth multi player.

Rhythm Spirit

It is a very unique game. It is a rhythm fighting game and is based on Japenese folklore. One cant say no to ninjas, music and fighting.

Fruit Ninja

It is quite a simple app. All you have to do is swipe when 3D fruit appears on the screen. It has great visuals and a good delivery.

Ragdoll Blaster 2

It is a sequel to the physics game. To hit the various targets, you have to blast ragdolls out of your cannon. It has many levels and puzzles to solve.


It is as interesting as its name suggests. You have to try and run away from the impending doom. While doing this, you’ll have to dodge hurdles and crash through windows.

Chaos Rings

Despite being priced over 10$ this app has done really well.It has a deep RPG. Also it has great graphics from Square Enix.

The Horrible Vikings

In this game you have to launch your vikings. You have to hit your enemies.Once you upgrade the system there is a nice depth to it. The use of the power-ups is also quite good.

God Finger

It helps you to keep healthy and fit. You have to create farms and buildings for your workers to enjoy. You can do all sorts of cool things, like control the weather. Basically you can do anything you like.


As the name suggests you have to kill people. You can use soldiers, rifles and machine guns to carry out this challenge. It is good strategy game.

Parachute Ninja

The biggest aim is to reach higher platforms. You have to hit your ninja ball. While doing this, you must avoid obstacles.

Pocket Legends

This app is quite appealing as well. You have to chose a class and work on leveling it up. At the same time you will be meeting strangers and fighting enemies.

Monkey Island 2

This again is a sequel. It is the classic game. More features have been added to it making it more fun.

Zenonia 2

This is a follow-up to the RPG Zenonia.There are more skills, items and story line added to this sequel. Everyone should have it.


Users have to Check in, to locations to earn points. They will have to broadcast there location. If you get the most check ins, you’ll become the mayor.


This app is a service which offers a marked down deal everyday.These deals are for spas, restaurants and many other things. It can come in quite handy.


This is a video editing software. It has hi-def recording. Also it is very useful for on-the-go editing.


After Facebook, Twitter is the next big thing. Many celebrities have joined it. The official Twitter can also be found in the iPhone.

Siri Assistant

This app is like your own personal assistant. From reminders to directions, it has everything. One should definitely have it in there iPhones.


Due to the 50$ attached to this app it hasn’t been very popular. However it is very good. It is a knowledge searching tool based on Wolfram Alpha.


For all you book lovers, this is a must have. It is much better then other book readers. One should definitely give it a shot.

Hulu Plus

One has to pay money for this app.It will only offer content for the paid service. So if you can pay the monthly fee you should go for it.


Users have to check in to locations to earn stamps.It is based on GPS. Once you start using it one can hardly put it down.

Dragon Dictation

It is an app for dictating text to the phone. You can use it to dictate a message or email. You can use it for anything that you can receive an inputted text for.

Free App A Day

It works with developers to offer there paid apps for free, for a limited time. One can get good apps in this way. Definitely worth trying.

JotNot Scanner Pro

This is a multi player scanner. It makes sending and saving scans quite effortless. It also has a great image enhancing ability.


This is a useful app for some people. Those of you who have the habit of checking your email while you drive, this app will do it for you. It will read the messages for you.


It shows everything near to your location. Quite a good app. You can find out many new places like this.


This is the official app.It is exactly the same as you find it on its site. The same functionality and easy saving can be found on the iPhone too.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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