Top 10 Reasons: Why I did not buy iPhone 4

Posted on 19 December 2010

The iPhone 4G released earlier this year. Sadly, this iPhone is facing many problems. We shall consider all these problems, below.

1 – Global Conversations

Firstly, AT&T does not support Skype Mobile on the iPhone. This includes international calls as well. Both AT&T and Apple also have to figure out other things. This includes allowing IP phone calls to run over the cellular data network.

2 – Wireless Syncing

Don't Buy

The iPhone 4G can only be synced with the computer, through a USB cable. It has been suggested that a better solution would have been Wi-Fi. Syncing your iPhone through Wi-Fi would have been less of a hassle.

This is one of the reasons why people prefer Android Phones. The Android Phones do not require a USB cable. Apple would also have been better without it.

However, Greg Hughes has developed an App. It is known as the Wi-Fi Sync app. It allows you to completely sync your iPhone with iTunes.

4 – Tethering with AT&T

It is available by AT&T in other countries as well. This includes the United Kingdom and Canada. Users in the United States are, however, still awaiting its arrival. Tethering lets you share your internet connection with your computer.

5 – Flash Support

Many Apple users have been waiting in the hopes that Apple will integrate Adobe Flash Support into Safari. Sadly, this will not happen. Steve Jobs is not a huge fan of Flash.

According to Steve Jobs it has a bad effect on the iPhone battery life. Security and Performance were also given as reasons. So it seems that iPhone 4G users will have to live without Flash.

6 – External Storage

Many phones include a MicroSD card slot. This allows you to add music, photos and other files into your phones easily. Sadly, the new iPhone does not have an SD card slot.

The iPhone has been updated with a 5 MP camera. If a card slot had been added, the users would have bee very satisfied. Mass Storage would have made their lives easier.

7 – Carrier Restriction

There have been many complaints about AT&T’s coverage. It is not satisfactory at all. It is for this reason that Apple has been in talk with Verizon.

8 – FM Radio

Fm Radio is one feature that users love. But, the new iPhone doesn’t have this feature either. Users will have to rely upon external contraption.

9 – Replacing the Battery

Another problem faced by iPhone users is that of the battery. Most other mobile phones have easily replaceable batteries. This is not true for the iPhone 4G, however.

10 – IPhone 4G Pricing

It has been suggested that AT&T should provide affordable unlimited calling plans for iPhone users. A few months back, there unlimited calling plan was priced at 70$ per month. The data plan added 30$.

Further, the messaging plan adds-up another 20$. So, it totals up to about 120$ per month.  Sprint was offering 70$ per month. This included unlimited calling, texting and web browsing.

11 – Installing Third Party Apps

Another restriction on iPhone users is that they cannot install third party apps, outside iTunes. You would have to jailbreak your device, to do it.  This in turn will nullify the warranty, rendering it void. Apple only allows entry into their app store for apps of their choice.

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