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Posted on 12 December 2010

The iPhone has many great applications. However, there are many apps that Apple doesn’t allow users to download. These apps can be downloaded through Jailbreaking, the iPhone. The top ten Cydia themes are being considered, below.


Once the phone is jailbroken, a new app appears in the Springboard. It is known as Cydia. It allows you access to millions of themes. The best part is that they are absolutely free.

There is one problem. Since there are so many apps, choosing which ones to install, can be problematic. Often, people download useless apps that waste their time. To make things easier for iPhone users, we will only consider the best Cydia themes.

1. Winterboard

This app allows you to control the way your iPhone looks and sounds. The first step is to install Winterboard. Once this is done, just go back into Cydia. You can then choose, from the huge numbers, of themes available.

Once the themes have been installed, there won’t be a noticeable change. You will have to go back into the Winterboard. The next step, is to, tick the themes ACTIVE.

Once you click the home screen. the Springboard will freeze. It will restart again. Finally, after restarting, the new theme settings shall be activated.

2. iBlackList

This app has two main functions. Firstly, you can create Blacklists and Whitelists, for all your contacts. Blacklist shall let you decide which contacts, should be allowed to get in touch with you. This setting will also apply for SMS messages.

The second function, allows you, to turn in the setting in “Notifications Privacy”. This will, in turn, stop the pop-ups that appear, when a text is received. The pop-up’s will completely disappear.

3. MxTube

Once could term it, as the, YouTube of the iPhone. You can download videos, for offline viewing, It allows you to download the high quality apps, and, plays it back at a higher quality. The only annoying part is that, it crashes, at times.

4. SwirlyMMS

MMS Picture Messaging is not a standardised feature of the iPhone. However, SwirlyMMS lets you send and receive photos, to a mobile, that has Picture Messaging. The new version has all the access settings, for all types of networks.

5. Video Recorder 3G

The iPhone plays back video. However, the recording of the video lacks quality. Video Recorder has solved this problem. The maximum it records is 15 frames per second. The quality of the video recorder is also quite blurry.

6. LogoMe

This is an interesting app. You can replace the Apple logo, from an image. Instead, LogoMe, will replace it with a picture of your choice.

7. Reminder

One should have downloaded the iBlacklist app, before downloading, the Reminder. The Reminder shows small icons, on the top bar, of your iPhone. The icon shows when you have a missed call, text, an MMS or an email.

8. KeyVib

This app makes your iPhone vibrate. The vibration occurs when you are typing an email or a text. It does, however, decrease the battery life, of the iPhone.

9. Make It Mine

You can easily change the carrier name, through this app. The clock can be changed, as well. It can read anything you want it to.

10. Poof!

The last app is Poof! This great app lets you hide all the useless apps. These could be ones that you do not use at all. Your iPhone will look less busy, as well.

All the apps that have been discussed are great. They are the 10 best Cydia themes, which every IPhone user, should have.  They are, definitely, worth a try

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