Top 10 Best Business Apps for iPhone

Posted on 03 December 2010

The iPhone has been one of the greatest creations of Apple. It caters to all types of people, whether they are business men or even teenagers. It is a very useful tool.

Increasing amount of business men have started using the iPhone. The reason for this is that it provides a range of options for them. These will be discussed below.


Business men need to move files back and forth, between computers on the same desk or the same office. Dropbox designates a desktop folder or subdirectory to synchronize. You can relax and wait for the cloud-based storage system to do the work now.

Another feature of the Dropbox is uploading and downloading files. It also provides links for collaborators to share sub directories with workers. Therefore it is quite useful.


Evernote is an alternative to Microsoft’s famous OneNote. It allows you to take notes on Macintosh, Windows or the iPhone. You can share the notes on any of these three devices.

The iPhone has additions like easy voice notes and location awareness notes for its users. It is quite easy to use. Evernote allows you to create notes and share them easily between platforms.

Documents To Go

They are two versions available. The standard versions allows you to work on the Word or Excel files that you created on the iPhone. You can also transfer it from your computer by synchronizing it with a specific folder.

The second version is the Documents To Go Premium. This adds the ability to to create and edit PowerPoint files. It also lets you edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files attached to Gmail or Exchange e-mail.


They are again two versions available. The first is NTRconnect Free. It gives you remote access to two computers. These are Windows, Mac or Linux.

The second version is NTRconnect Pro. It allows you access to as many computers as you’d like. This will include features like file transfer and local printing of remote files.  They are extremely simple to use and are lightweight.


It allows you to look at the tasks you have created for yourself on your computer. It covers the need of an electronic task list. It is a fine way of keeping those tasks in front of you, wherever you are.

GeeTasks allows you to mark the tasks complete and create new tasks with due dates. If you want to create multiple tasks , Geetasks lets you do that as well. Even if you dont have an internet connection you can make changes to the list.

Scanner Pro

Most business men like all their information in an electronic form. Scanner Pro allows you to do that. It is quite simple to use.

Point the iPhone’s camera to the item that you want to scan.Once the picture is taken you can send it to the appropriate place. The option to click on is the WebDAV server.When you send it there you can directly transfer the picture to a MAC or Windows computer.

FTP On The Go

It allows you to transfer files as well as create directories and delete files. It can perform all server-based file management tasks. It is simple to set up and use.

FTP has other advanced features as well. This ranges from a text editor to a number of security options. It also turns your iPhone into a serious tool for managing files and websites.


This App allows you to keep records for multiple employers. A basic screen will prompt you to enter the details of the transaction. There is also space for notes and attaching a receipt.

A chart can also be viewed, showing the expense types. Once you’re finished it will e-mail you the completed report. Quite a useful tool.


This fills in the need for a green screen. You simply have to give it the basic log-in instructions for the server you need to reach. It is an in-your-hand way to VT-100 happiness.

It has other amazing features. It has settings which can deal with passwords in log files as well as proxy and encoding options. It is a must have for people dealing with terminal based user interfaces.


Lastly is Tripit. It is a useful tool for storing information. This can include things like travel plans, flight numbers, hotel and rental car reservations.

It is a sufficient toll. It takes the information from the data you enter on the Triplt Web site. Therefore, no additional effort is required.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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