Top 10 Best Android 3.0 Features

Posted on 17 December 2010

The Android 3 can be made widely popular amongst the customers with the incorporation of following features:

Battery Life/Power Management Improvements

The most popular Android enhancements is battery life. The smart phones are infamous because of having little battery time period.  Android is, however, best amongst the worst lot. This feature varies between the different handsets. Nonetheless, some of the Android phones are really with pathetic battery life.

Now with the splashing technological breakthrough and more active magnitude of power usage, Android has been much ahead of its competitors in having a better battery life

Homing/ Tracking Facility

This feature has must amazed many of the customers, especially those who want to keep a track of their friends and loved ones; certainly with their permission. Tracking is also a good choice, especially in case of loss of your phone; generally you will require another phone or a personal computer to locate your missing phone.

New Android Market

There has been an exceptional growth in the Android marketing.  However, it is very unfortunate that technologically Android is not compatible with thousands of applications.  You don’t really find a good way to look for the applications that you have not used so far.

You therefore, try to search the application with the help of keywords. It is, however not an appropriate method to look for the mobile applications.

Video Editing

IPhone 4 users are already using iMovies. Now the Android is also equipped with the similar application of green monster. Some of the Android phones, such as Galaxy S, Samsung will also acquire 720p video skills. It will also enhance the demand or some proper video editing capabilities.

Though there are few of video editing apps are available for the Android phones, but none of these are comparable to the flashy Apple’s iMovie.

Real Multitasking

Apple’s iPhone has been under a tremendous criticism of customers before the arrival of iOS 4 owing to the bottleneck of its multitasking skills. To be very honest, android is also not a better option either. You have a little command over your generally used apps. It has also raised the requirement of a suitable task manager to get rid of these applications. The apex would be to run two applications on one screen, each in a panel.  However, for that purpose you require a 4 to 5 inches screen.

Better GPS on Google Maps

Though the Google maps present a very good GPS solution, but it really cannot be compared with the separate devices offered by the ‘Garmin’ and ‘TomTom’.  The customers are therefore, looking for more resourcefulness in Google Maps applications.

Built-in Remote Desktop

If you properly know the Android market, then you may easily get a remote desktop application on your mobile set. To get these worked properly on the other hand is not an easy job. The remote desktop software would give you access to your PC screen form your mobile with an internet connection.

Google Documents Integration

Since Android is a Google based system, hence it offers combination with many of the Google services. Google Mail and Google Maps are at the most common one. Still Google Documents have not been completely incorporated into Android. As a Google Mail user, you may use this service for sharing the work and docs with friends and colleagues.  Android fans therefore, also like this feature.

IR Transmitter with Universal Remote Function

You may like have a universal remote at some point in time, if you own a complicated home cinema setup. These are, however, not that cheap and quite difficult for programming.  By building in this function in Android phone can resolve the problem.  If Google managed to ally with a big company like Logitech (with its incredible database of devices), Android could win a lot more popularity with this feature.

Improved Media Player

Android still cannot compete with Apples iPhone in music and movie feature. The iPhone has built in iTunes that offers millions of tunes and thousands of movies at a nominal price. The Android, however, let you freely move media to your phone.  All that required is a better media player and podcast support.

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Best Android 3.0 Features”

  1. Frank says:

    Sounds like a dud :( If the FIRST thing out of 10 is the battery life, why bother! Then the writer talks about how wonderful the Apple IPhone is! Who cares, please tell what is new with Android and things I can use it for, not what the Apple does (that would be a comparison!) Are there 10 things in this article?? For the sake of the species please neuter this writer and any children, then hire someone who has a brain and isn’t a druggie and then please fire this idiot!

  2. dealkk says:

    Author clearly favor Iphone, this is not a good review of 10 new features. A review need to be equally

  3. FredJ says:

    What about an IPSEC VPN client? Is this ever gonna be addressed by Google?


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