Share iPhone Applications Between iPhones

Posted on 15 December 2010

Having an iPhone is not only a blessing but a curse as well. It’s a fact that the original phones are not upgradeable via any kind of the software that’s makes hard to justify its cost. Therefore, you can go for software upgrade which can indirectly give you a new phone in many ways. The upgrade is actually free and the inexpensive applications add up most of the times.

It is interesting and economical to share the iPhone apps between the iPhones. Fair play gives you an opportunity to register up to 5 computers. You can also add unlimited iPhone/iPods synced to those computers which have been register. In this way it really becomes easy for you to share the stuff with other iPhones, may be of your friends and siblings etc.

The condition needed is that both the iTunes must be authorized. All you need is the authorizing of both of the accounts in both computers. After this you have to re-download the applications. This all will work in windows.

How to do it

For sharing the apps between two iPhones, you have got the following accessories with you. They include:

  • 2 computers
  • 2 iPhones
  • 2 iTunes

Suppose you are using your account to buy any type of game and the other account is buying another one. You are goaled at playing both of the games on both iPhones. It is legal and you have no hacking risks.


First of all, authorize each computer for both of the accounts. Using the iTunes account of first computer, re-download the application on second computer.

Step 1

Step one includes following points;

  • Authorizing Computers: For your convenience we are giving the names to the computers, i.e. computer 1 and computer 2.  Start with computer 1, launch iTunes in it and then log out from its iTunes Store account and log in from computer 2.

  • Log Out and In: Stay inside the iTunes and go to the application store. After opening it, click on the “buy application Button” on the application you had bought on your computer i.e. computer 2.

Step 2

Step two includes following points;

  • Re-download: As you have already paid for it, it is in the knowledge of your iTunes therefore, you won’t be charged again. So it will let you for re-downloading.
  • Confirmation: After you are done with the above step, the application will began to download.
  • Downloading: As soon as the download is complete, the Application section of iTunes will appear.
  • Downloaded: You can now log out of the iTunes store account of computer 2 and log in back from that of computer 1.

Step 3

Step three includes following points;

  • Sync & Play: After getting done with the above, you can plug in the first phone having computer 1 and sync.
  • Sync: Now, the application must get transferred without any kind of disturbance or mess.
  • Syncing: Once, it has been synced, the phone will show, it the symbol of “ready for playing”
  • Play: For now, you can play the game or can use the application you want to. Not just by one, but with both. That’s interesting and entertaining.

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