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Posted on 06 December 2010

Facebook is social networking site launched in February 2004. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg and he founded it with his college roommates and fellow computer science students Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes Popularity and circle of Facebook is growing day by day as more and more are joining it.

Good Things About Facebook:

Some good things about Facebook are that you can easily create and maintain your profile. You can daily update your status. In your profile, you can write about relationship status, political views, religion, activities, hobbies, interests, favorite music, favorite movies, favorite TV shows, favorite quotations, favorite books, about me information, contact details and education and work.

The best thing about it is easy interaction with friends and best privacy policy. You can add many applications to your profile with an easy way to access. Invite your friends and family members to groups; share your photos, links and videos with them.

Simple Design:

The boring thing about Facebook is that it got very simple design and that is white background with blue margins. No additional themes are available for it as compared to other social networking sites like Orkut, to give your Facebook profile a new and unique look.

Personalize It:

So, if you are not happy and satisfied with this simple design of your Facebook profile. And you are curious in making it more interesting and attractive then Google Chrome Extension will surely help you out. Now you can get latest Facebook themes with the google chrome extension. This Facebook theme is a chrome extension and is developed by Dalton Gore.

Steps to Install Facebook Themes:

  • To install Facebook theme, follow the given below link.

  • Now you’ll find an “install” button, click on it to install the Facebook.themed.Extension
  • Next, type Chrome: extensions in address bar.
  • Search for “options” under Facebook.themed and click on it.

After clicking the options a huge list of themes for Facebook will be revealed to you. You can easily choose form this list, in this list you will also find gaming themes. For example: Call of duty, World of warcraft. Movie themes like True blood, Avatar and thus this list continues.

Once your favorite theme is selected, now click on “save option” and then you have to open Facebook button. Your Facebook profile will displayed with your favorite theme installed.

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