How to Use Your Mouse Effectively?

Posted on 05 December 2010

Normally the computer and internet users use their mouse conventionally and don’t try to make its utilization at optimum level. Following are few tips for using any mouse with the rolling wheel. These will surely enhance the use of mouse for you.

Sideways Scrolling of Mouse

Normally, the people use mouse for up and down scrolling. Besides using mouse this way, you can also make its utilization in sideways by holding down the shift key. This feature is very helpful in big spreadsheets or Windows Explorer for viewing the big lists or large details.

Zooming With Mouse

The majority of the applications/softwares also have the zoom feature, such as MS Office Suite, Acrobat Reader, Irfan View, etc. You can access this feature through your mouse by holding the ctrl key, and can zoom in and zoom out. It is very simple and easy just like clicking the zoom icon.

This attribute is especially very meaningful when you open spreadsheet/pdf file in full mode during your presentation. During the presentation, the tool bar is not visible; but you can simply handle this problem by clicking control and rolling the mouse wheel.

Changing Shape of Mouse Cursor

If you click the mouse wheel button, generally the result is changing shape of your mouse cursor; usually a round circle with arrows in it. This characteristic helps you in scrolling in any direction simply by moving mouse instead of rolling the wheel. By clicking the mouse again, the cursor comes back to its original shape.

These attributes are reliant upon your mouse driver. These will, however, work with the most software including the default settings for just about all Logitech drivers.

Multiple Functions of Mouse

Obviously many of the drivers sanction the customized use of the function of mouse buttons. A large number of users have still not at all tried to explore the options available in their mouse software. You will be baffled to find out the mouse applet in Windows Control Panel.

I feel that that the most fruitful shortcuts of mouse are mouse signals. It signifies the explicit activities of the mouse to execute a command. Though, it takes a bit of time to learn and use these, but once you start to use, you won’t feel at ease without these. They particularly do wonders with the web navigation.

Stroke it is my pet utility for applying mouse gestures. It is simple to use and easy to learn. It comes with more than 80 pre-programmed signals and that work with large number of common used applications.

It is also available at no cost for personal use and works equally good with all Windows versions, i.e. Windows 98 and onwards. You will become obsessed with it when you use it

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