How to Use PwnPlayer to Sync iPhone Without iTunes

Posted on 10 December 2010

The media player employed by Apple, in its iPod’s and iPhone’s, is iTunes. It will be difficult to sync your iPhone, to the computer, without iTunes. Another problem is that iTunes is only supported by Mac and Windows.


Many people dislike having the iTunes. The reason is that they have to transfer their whole music library to iTunes. Another problem is that Linux users cannot use iTunes. ITunes is not supported by Linux.

It is, however, important for them to find some alternative. Otherwise, they won’t be able to sync their iPhone’s with their computers. There are many options available for them, which will be discussed, below.

Other Media Players

Fortunately for these people there are other media player’s available. These media players can also be used to sync your iPhone’s. Those of you who are wondering, how to sync your iPhone without iTunes, can use the option discussed below.


This media player can be used by any platform. This is a good advantage. There are many other media players, which only support Windows. However, PwnPlayer can be used by any one.


PwnPlayer acts as an alternative to the default in your iPhone or iPod. The user interface is quite similar to the one in It allows you to view your songs in Albums, Artists and Genre lists. It supports album art display as well.

Using PwnPlayer

To use this media player, you need to do certain things. Most importantly, you need to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking results in your warranty becoming void.

After Jailbreaking, install the PwnPlayer application from Cydia. Next transfer your songs to any folder in your iPhone. This can only be done after Jailbreaking is carried out.

The next step for PwnPlayer is to scan the whole iPhone hard disk. It will then add songs to the library. PwnPlayer is quite simple to use.

There is no need to worry about compatibility with the OS platform. It will work irrespective, of which OS you are using. However, SSH should be able to perform on your computer. If it does then PwnPlayer shall work too.

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