How to Use Media Monkey to Sync iPhone Without iTunes ?

Posted on 16 December 2010

iTunes seems to be the only media player, to sync your iPhone and iPod’s, with your computer. iTunes is only supported by Mac and Windows. It is quite problematic to sync your iPhone without iTunes.


A large group of Windows users also use other media players. One such example is Winamp. The media players manage their music library. They dislike the idea of migrating the whole library to iTunes, just because they bought an iPhone.


Since iTunes is very important, Linux users face problems. As mentioned above, it is only Windows or Mac that supports iTunes. Linux users will have to find an alternative way to sync their iPhone’s.

Alternative Ways

Now there are many alternative ways through which music can be transferred to your iPhone. ITunes is not the only way. One such alternative is being considered below.

Media Monkey

Media Monkey can only be used by a Windows user. It is a fully-featured and heavy duty media player. It has become quite popular.

Essentially it is just like the iTunes in Mac. It allows you to manage yy have implemented our music, video and podcast. The latest version, they have implemented iPhone and iPod Touch support. So now music can be easily transferred.


Ironically, the first thing you need to download is iTunes. This is essential to use Media Monkey. The latest version of the iTunes must be downloaded.

ITunes will become the device driver for the iPhone or iPod. This is required by many third party media players. This is because, it will help them detect and access the database of the iPhone. Once iTunes is installed, you will be able to use Media Monkey easily.

A Hack

Some people might just not want to download iTunes. Fortunately for them, there is a hack.  Just follow the instructions.

Firstly, download the .exe to .zip. After doing this rename the .exe to .zip. The next step is to open up the zipped file.

From the file you must extract AppleMobileDeviceSupport.msi and QuickTime.msi. After doing this, install the two files. You can then simply sync your iPhone with Media Monkey, without iTunes.

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