How to Use GPS in Your Phone Free During International Travel?

Posted on 13 December 2010

Everyone extremely wants to use GPS while traveling in any foreign country. However, there is mostly charge a fee for attending the every incoming call. There are some options available to keep ON the GPS during stay in any foreign country without any roaming charges. Most of the people are always looking for their iPhone use in traveling to foreign country. People are usually searched the GPS map app to track their route of journey. It was found that only GPS required for this purpose without any other data or cellular connection. GPS receiver usually doesn’t work while in an Airplane mode. Whenever, an incoming call will received during Airplane OFF mode, amount of an international call will be charged.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding is considered as a solution to avoid from roaming charges.

All the incoming calls should be forwarded to office or home phone. So, incoming calls by this way will be directed to the local phone numbers. Data roaming will kept remain in turn off condition. There is no calls, hence no data acquisition. However, GPS will usually remain in working condition. So, it is suggested as the good approach to avoid from the roaming charges during traveling in any foreign country.

Turn ON/OFF call forwarding

There is an option available to turn ON or OFF the call forwarding at any time. By turn OFF the call forwarding, anyone can receive the incoming call as really required. This doesn’t affect the facility to make any outgoing call. So, anyone can access the GPS facility as usual.

Avoid from accidentally receiving incoming calls

Call forwarding is really suggested as a best choice to avoid from any international data roaming charges.

This actually works to keep anyone away from accidentally receive of any incoming call. People can easily access it as a promising tool to keep ON their GPS while traveling to foreign country without any roaming charges.

Access of call forwarding

There is sound logic of call forwarding to use GPS while traveling in foreign country. It is suggested that it really operated and people can avoid from the roaming charges. However, call forwarding can also be accessed with any smart phone if anyone has Google Voice account.

Not what you are looking for? Try Google Search!

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