How to Transfer iPhone Apps to iPad?

Posted on 07 December 2010

Currently, more than 140,000 applications are available for the users of iPhone and iPod Touch. Many of the new customers of Apple iPad Slate enjoy a collection of applications that they accrued for use on the iPhone or iPod Touch. You also have an opportunity to sync your iPhone apps to the iPad with the help of iTunes. Below are the instructions for doing so:

Open iTunes

If you are in possession of an iPhone or iPod Touch, conceivably you have an iTunes account too.  If you don’t have iTunes on your PC, you can download the most advanced version free from the Apple website.

Back up your iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

Use a USB connector to join your iPhone or iPod Touch to your PC. The iTunes will perceive that your iPod has been connected and will add a line called ‘Devices’ under your library and store menus on the left hand side of iTunes. Devices column will be filled and the name that you have chosen to you iPhone or iPod Touch will appear. Now click on your device name to open your syncing options and click the sync button in lower right hand corner. This will make a back of all your apps to iTunes. After finishing the sync, you can disconnect your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch Apps to the iPad

Now join the iPad to your PC. The iPad will also be shown up in the devices menu of iTunes. Click it and select the Applications tab. Make a choice for the items you want to sync and pres the sync button in the lower right hand corner. Now your iPhone or iPod Touch applications will be synced to your iPad.

Make a Decision to View your Applications

After syncing your iPhone or iPod touch apps to iPad, you may run them in the actual size. This option will open up a screen of the size of the Touch screen within your iPad. You can also expand the app, so it fits your iPad Screen.

Most of the iPhone apps were designed with the minimum screen resolution needed to run efficiently in an iPhone sized screen, so by mounting the app to fit the 9.7” screen of the iPad. You may find that picture quality is not that good.  Luckily, the developers are already working to make apps with a screen resolution to match the iPad dimensions. You can choose yourself, which screen size optimum for your particular applications.

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