How to Transfer iPhone Apps And Songs to New Computer?

Posted on 20 December 2010

People are always looking to transfer the iphone apps and songs to the new computer for many applications. These people are not generally understood with the exact procedure. However, this is not so much difficult. One can easily transfer iphone apps and songs to the new computer using the proper way. Some time people lose the purchased music from their phone when synced it in the wrong way. We are going to describe here a simple method to transfer the iphone apps and songs to the new computer.


1. First of all go to the apple’s site i.e Look for the latest version of itunes. Simply download it and install as the usual way.

2. Sharepod is a free utility that can also be used. Anyone can find it by exploring the site

3. After installation, itunes can be opened. It must be ensured that account of itunes store was properly managed. This is mostly the same account which used to shop all other apps.

4. Then connect iphone to the PC. It will ask to sync after recognizing the itunes. Any apps that you have already purchased will be transferred from the phone to PC. All of the music can be backed up in a few steps. There will not any other effect as being already in itunes. All of the contacts and other applications will also be synced during the connection.


People should be understood with the cautions concerned with transfer of music. All of the music might be lost if phone will just synced with the new PC. So itunes can only be imported after getting music from iphone to PC.

Need to know

Purchased apps can be sync backed using itunes. But music can’t be synced back by this way. Anyone will be assumed as music pirate if music on phone will not 100% purchased from itunes music. People are usually not purchased all the music from itunes. Therefore, it is considered necessary to save the music on phone first before sync it with itunes.

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