How to Transfer Everything to iPhone 4?

Posted on 09 December 2010

Recently, a support document for iPhone users has been published. This guide was published by Apple. It focuses on iPhone users, who are planning to upgrade to the new iPhone 4. For those users, who are wondering on how to replace their old phones, the Guide is useful.


The details provided in the Guide have caused concern. Those people who have already sold their previous iPhone’s are not happy. If they had known that they could upgrade to the iPhone 4, they would not have sold their previous iPhone’s.

IPhone Users in the United States

This information only applies to iPhone users in the United States. American users do not require their original Sim’s for the iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 includes a Sim.

This is a welcome change. So now your original iPhone account information will be transferred to your iPhone 4. This will happen at the time of purchase.

IPhone Users in other countries

Different tips apply if you plan to use the same carrier or a different carrier. In the former situation, original Sim’s can be used. This is in regard to the iPhone 4.

For different carriers, there is good news. Apple has decided to move away from its single carrier strategy. So now, users will have the option to change their carriers.

To upgrade to the iPhone 4, using a different carrier, you will have to purchase the iPhone 4 in the new carrier. You will then have to figure out some things. Firstly, how to transfer your original iPhone’s mobile number.

The number will have to be transferred to your new account. This will have to be done from your original phone number. All this transferring will have to be done through the new carrier.

How to Transfer Personal Data

Personal data includes things like your saved messages, photos, and notes. The first step is to take a back-up of your original iPhone in iTunes 7.7.  Then you need to restore the back-up to the new iPhone 4.

The next step is to verify that your iPhone 4 has been restored with your personal data. You can erase the personal data from your previous iPhone now. Use the new secure erase feature, which is available in iPhone firmware.

IPhone’s that have already been Sold

The guide has mentioned that to follow the above steps, you must have the latest version of iTunes. This also includes the iPhone firmware. It is not clear whether all those, who have already sold their iPhone’s should have made back-ups. Only time will tell, if this step was necessary.

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